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3 years ago

Nokia compares Lumia 920 location services with iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3


Nokia has been a bit cheeky the past couple of weeks by crashing Samsung's party and publishing snarky comments about HTC's latest Windows Phone hardware - the company is certainly on a path of war and utmost destruction. And they haven't halted either. Over at the conversations blog, the team have compiled a comparison chart that details location features present in the Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy S3 and the recently unveiled iPhone 5.

Nokia has done a superb job regarding location services on Windows Phone. The manufacturer is set to release Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive as an app available for every Windows Phone owner, which lifts the requirement to purchase a Lumia handset for solid (and free) turn-by-turn navigation. Using Navteq and in-house technologies, Nokia is able to provide apps and services that don't rely on third-parties, and notes that Navteq maps have been "meticulously developed over 20 years of know-how".

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3 years ago

Accuweather gets bumped to v2.2, brings a little speed to the table


If you use the Accuweather app on your Windows Phone, you'll notice an update being pushed through this morning. Version 2.2 doesn't bring any new features to the weather app but instead is more of a maintenance update to address a few bug fixes.

We have noticed that after updating, whatever fixes that are put in place seems to give Accuweather a little more zip. Pages load faster and navigation smoother.

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3 years ago

UK retailer Unlocked Mobiles reveals pricing for HTC 8X and 8S


How expensive is HTC's new hardware?

Pricing for the HTC 8X and HTC 8S, which were announced yesterday at the manufacturer's Windows Phone event in New York, have been revealed by online UK retailer Unlocked Mobiles. While both handsets aren't entirely matching Nokia's Lumia line of Apollo hardware, the designs and technology powering both the 8S and 8X ensures they're not left behind in a smoke trail.

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3 years ago

Wheel of Wealth to be pulled from the Windows Phone Store


We received some disheartening news today concerning the Windows Phone game Wheel of Wealth. The developer has received an intellectual property infringement notice from the Windows Phone Store and Wheel of Wealth will have to be unpublished.

Odd that this comes on the heels of Sony releasing the "official" Wheel of Fortune game. You can't help but wonder if Sony can't handle the competition of a similar game.

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3 years ago

Nokia’s Bloomberg app lands in the Store. It’s quite awesome.


One of the nicest financial apps is now out

Hope our title didn’t spoil things but yes, the Bloomberg app co-developed with Nokia is now available in the Nokia Collection—well if you search for it or use our link below.

The app is admittedly very nice especially with the rolling stock ticker across the top 1/3 of the screen. Features are abundant with smooth scrolling and just a well thought out design.

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3 years ago

Xbox Windows Phone Review: Crimson Dragon Side Story


The Xbox on Windows Phone lineup, on the whole is far too casual for some gamers’ tastes. Xbox Live features have attracted a sizable minority of Xbox 360 fans to Microsoft’s mobile platform, where they find an abundance of puzzle games and a disarmingly small number of established gaming franchises. Microsoft does sometimes throw the hardcore crowd a bone though, as evidenced by the recent release of Crimson Dragon Side Story. Not only does Side Story tie into the upcoming Xbox console game Crimson Dragon’s fascinating universe, but it’s also one of the more robust and ambitious mobile Xbox games in sometime.

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3 years ago

Hero Windows Phones compared: HTC 8X, Samsung ATIV S, and Nokia Lumia 920


Yesterday saw the unveiling of the HTC 8X and with that, we now have the full picture of what devices now form the top tier of the Windows Phone 8 line-up. There is still one launch partner, Huawei we have yet to hear from but initial indications are that they will be releasing a device aimed near the mid to low end of the market.

We have already drawn up a comparison of the 8X and the Lumia 920 but many have asked that we rightly add the super slim Samsung into the mix. The ATIV S is every bit a flagship device bosting some extremely appealing specifications, let’s see how they all compare…

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3 years ago

From the Forums: HTC 8X, 8S, and the no longer cool Apple iPhone


Welcome to another From the Forums, where we bring you the latest and greatest discussions from the Windows Phone Central forums. It has been a rather busy day with a lot of articles being pumped through our feed so we figured it would be a jolly good idea to wrap up the discussions that are on-going in our community.

We've opened up two new forums for the HTC 8X and HTC 8S, which were both unveiled by HTC today in New York. If you're considering purchasing one of the two new Windows Phones from HTC, be sure to head on over to the designated sections to engage with other readers in relevant discussions.

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3 years ago

AT&T continues to throw the switch on 4G LTE


AT&T expanding their 4G LTE Network

Just the other day we shared that AT&T flipped the switch on the 4G LTE network in Birmingham, Al. and Memphis, TN. For the Windows Phones that are 4G LTE compatible, the new network speeds are simply fantastic.  In many of the tips speeds have more than tripled by going from 4G to 4G LTE.

Since lighting up the Birmingham and Memphis area, AT&T has been busy adding the wireless network to several other cities and regions. We have received a large number of tips from happy Windows Phone owners in these areas and thought we'd update you on AT&T's 4G LTE progress.

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3 years ago

WPCentral 149 - Special HTC 8X and 8S with Windows Phone 8 edition


Today HTC unveiled their new Windows Phone 8 devices, the 8X and the 8S (see our hands on). Jay Bennett and Daniel Rubino discuss both phones, whether people were impressed and what this means for the Windows Phone ecosystem. We also field some of your questions.

Listen in as we help decide which phone is the bestestHD Video after the break...

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3 years ago

Developers experiencing issues with submitting apps and updates to the Store


It's another cryptic Microsoft error code...

Developers have been experiencing issues when submitting .XAP files to the Marketplace for approval. Whether it be new apps or updates for already-submitted content, developers are getting hit with an error code. Glenn Edwards, the brains and soul behind recently released MetroSpec, has also been having trouble getting his work published.

We last covered MetroSpec when it went live on the Marketplace a couple of days ago. The paid version got through, but the free, ad-supported baby brother is still being held back. It's an annoyance more than anything as the Windows Phone community love their trials and free versions of apps that seek their hard-earned cash - and rightly so. If developers can't publish all their work, then this could cost them valuable custom.

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3 years ago

MSN Movies for Windows Phone get a decent update

3 years ago

Quick demo of the HTC 8X with audio amplifier


As you may have noticed, the new HTC 8X for Windows Phone 8 features a nice little hardware amplifier (2.55v) to boost audio output.

We got to sample it today in New York and you’ll see as I try to narrate over the audio, I simply cannot compete. While it’s hard to get the “real feel” via video, from our limited experience we can say it does indeed make a difference. Audio is noticeably louder and just as sharp without distortion. Running a line-out to some speakers or other media device should ensure some pumping tunes, perfect for the media-savvy consumer out there.

While boosted audio is not everyone’s selling point for a new phone, we can certainly see many folks considering this the icing on the cake for the stellar looking 8X.

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3 years ago

Site News - HTC 8S and 8X have landed on the Windows Phone Central Forums


HTC announced the 8X and 8S today at its New York Windows Phone 8 presentation. These two new smartphones are the company's Apollo entries to go up against Samsung's ATIV S and Nokia's family of Lumias. 

The HTC 8X and 8S sport new designs and implemented features that are sure to turn heads and demand attention - particularly the choice of colours and Beats Audio support. Both featuring LCD 2 displays and dual-core S4 chips, the new HTC Windows Phones aren't slouches by any means.

We've opened up two new forums -- one for the 8X and another for the 8S -- for these handsets, which can now be discussed as well as any compatible accessories. 

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3 years ago

More themes to choose from in Windows Phone 8, or just an added black accent?


The black and white HTC 8S sports a unique black (on light) theme for use, according to a hands-on video by smartphoneinfos. We've taken a good look and it's definitely a new theme. The question is if this is simply an exclusive colour to HTC or we could well be seeing more colours on offer for use in Windows Phone 8.

Many (including ourselves) have been after more themes since Windows Phone launched back in late 2010, and a black theme was high in the request list. Looking at the theme in action on the HTC 8S indeed makes it seem possible that we could see more colours available to choose from when personalising a Windows Phone.

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