Deal Alert: Nokia CR-200 wireless car charger for $75.99 at MobileFun

Nokia CR-200 at MobileFun

Earlier we shared that Expansys and Amazon.com had the Nokia CR-200 wireless car charger for $109 and $95 respectively. Well... now we are finding out that MobileFun is offering the CR-200 for even less.

Listed under MobileFun's Hot Deals, the Nokia wireless charger with NFC support is only $75.99. Shipping will run you $2.99 making the total cost a steal of a deal.

To make the deal more attractive, MobileFun has a nice selection of International sites where the CR-200 is also listed. You can find all the details and ordering information here at MobileFun.

Thanks, Patrick, for the tip!


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Deal Alert: Nokia CR-200 wireless car charger for $75.99 at MobileFun


Yeah I've been eagerly awaiting this product, but at this price I'm not getting it anytime soon. Maybe if it goes below $50...

Still way too expensive for a charger. Wireless charging sounds great, until you see the prices for the wireless chargers. If Nokia is commited to wireless charging they should sell these things at cost.

Yes, they are to proud of these things.. If you paid $79 for one, then, brought it home and looked inside, you'd be one pissed SOB because there ain't nothin in that biach..

I tend to agree and I know quality costs more. But, for the amount of time I'm in the car each day, I can't quite justify the cost. 50 bucks seems the sweet spot for me.

I see what you're saying and think even this deal is too expensive, but sell at cost? Come on now, that's just ridiculous.

Nokia is pushing new tech if they want it to be widely adopted thats the best strategy. Take into account that for many Lumias you now have to not only buy the phone, but buy the wireless cover (+$40) + the wireless charger ($50 the very basic one).
I am not saying that all wireless accessories should be dead cheap, but $100 for car charger is ridiculous, same way $50 is ridiculous for the in home basic DT-900 charger.
If you ask me the basic charger DT-900 should be included free as part of the phone package for all phones that support wireless charging. Then Nokia can make money from in car chargers, or chargers with added features like NFC, etc... (e.g. DT-910, DT-901)

I actually got my charging cover for about $25 including shipping and a charging plate for under $20 also including shipping.

Yeah sure you can find a decent offer now and then, but I was looking at the normal base price that Nokia recommends to merchants.

Sorry, I already spent my allowance on some Purity Headphones today.. Besides, Nokias wireless chargers are a rip-off.. Even at this price..

You write in the same comment that you wasted your money on Purity headphones and then say the wireless chargers are the rip-off...
Dude, whatever it is you smoked, pass it to the guys.

For me paying $75 for a wireless charger is way to much money, especially considering I got my first one free with my 920... I'm going to get much more use out of those Purity Headphones then a wireless car charger.. The headphones only cost me $49.99.. That charger is $75.99... So, you're telling me that you would choose the charger over the headphones❔... What are YOU smoking because you need to pass that over here..

Just don't wear them while driving.
I see so many people doing that.
First, is your car stereo that bad that you would rather wear headphone? Second, its dangerous and against the law.

Uh...sorry to break it to you pall but Nokia's Purity headphones cost over 300€. If yours costed 50 bucks...they weren't Nokia's Purity headphones ;)

I'm cheap and wired up a normal charging pad directly to the cig lighter (with a voltage regulator of course). $30. Now I just need to figure out how to mount it.

I thought of doing the exact same thing. I was going to either mount it inside my armrest (because I usually lay my phone on top of my armrest) or modifying my ashtray. I have a large slide out ashtray right below my radio and it would be a perfect spot, but it would be more modifying than putting it inside my armrest and once installed inside the armrest, there would be no visible damage done.

I actually removed my ashtray without damaging anything, god knows how I did that, and my 820 is the PERFECT size- fits right in (landscape) and is flush with the rest of the dash. I just need to figure out how to get it to stay there.

Be careful, if you have a 928, the car cradle does not work. The clamp rests on the camera button.

If you notch the clamp that sits on the camera button, you can get it to still hold the phone without pressing the camera button. Thats how I got it to work.

That's a little better, but I don't see why the price should be so much more than a home model. A little bit mor plastic and an NFC tag doesn't add up to me... but I'm a cheapo so...

The problem really is the branding, you are paying a premium for it being by Nokia. Just like a regular car charger from Verizon being $30+.
If a 3rd party were to make one (unlikely, unless its a universal model), the price would be significantly lower.

I think they omitted it & made it an option to cut cost on the device remember accessories, ad-ons etc is were the money is

Nokia didn't put it in the 1020 by default because it would have added to the thickness.  If you look at the back of the 1020 you will see that it supports a QI charing cover.

WPC: Please do a video review!!! Need an opinion on build quality, landscape grip, and windshield mount grip before shelling out this kind of money!!!

It is a quality accessory. I was surprised at how nice it looked and felt. landscape grip is solid on my 920 and the locking mechanism they have for the grip is strong.

The quality is nice... But! Its useless!!!

I have a 2011 Mercedes A-Class, and there is nowhere it fits, except right next to the window, which means you can't ever open the window because the grip on a 920 is pathetic, you can squeeze the grips together all you want and it still slides out easily. Landscape mode is a big no-no!

Its biggest flaw is the angle of the base. And the fact that you can only angle the bit the phone sits in, in one direction. Which means you are SERIOUSLY limited to where you can position the phone.

The charging works well. The NFC is a bit pointless as after you tap it you still have to press accept before it runs the app, which means you may as well just press the apps icon instead which is half the effort.

I bought mine from Amazon yesterday morning and it came today, £69.99 GBP with free postage, which is about $107.00 USD.

You can buy an LG branded one on eBay new, which looks like it holds better and is more flexible, and comes with a desktop wireless charger as well for £40!

Wish I had done that.

It does come with lots of fiddly extras, a sticky plate to attach it to the dash which doesn't work, some handy sticky cable clips to keep the wire tidy, which don't stick, and a wire extension which is handy.

All in all, I really wanted it to be good, but they failed miserably. I have never before known a cradle that didn't have a 360* ball joint for positioning.

If you're a fan of having your phone pointing at the floor, or the ceiling, this is for you!

Actually if you have a massive windscreen which isn't at all slanted this would work well then too

You and I my friend are in the same boat. I really don't want to waste money on another case and for T-Mobile not to have them is a Major pain in my a**

Used it for five weeks now, charging is great, even works with a cover. NFC may be an interesting technology but the way implemented in this device is disappointing. Will only start the car app but one could easily do that via the standard way opening an app. If WP8 supported profiles allowing to activate Bluetooth, disabling WiFi etc. via NFC interaction - now that would be a gain in comfort. Too bad it doesn't.
I had tough luck though as the holding mechanism broke within those few weeks of heavy use. Hopefully this is not a systematic issue. I'm using it in horizontal mode, the 920 has then to be clamped quite strong... 4-5 times a day over let's say two years would result to 1500 cycles of clamping and releasing. I don't have a good feeling about that. I'll see.

I took advantage of this deal, and after a week of use my holding mechanism was broken too, and I'm gentle with my electronics.  I had disassembled the unit to find that one of the key plastic parts of the ratcheting gear had shattered into 3 pieces.  I suspect it was already cracked when I got the unit because the holding mechanism wasn't very responsive from the start.  Unfortunately, I had already thrown out the rest of the packaging, so I think I'm out of luck for an exchange.
This one problem aside, the unit was quite good, the electronics did what it was supposed to do, and the mount was solid.

75 seems high for a car charger...even a wireless one at that. Will have to wait and hope it comes down on price b4 I buy

I just bought one in the UK for the equivalent of 107 USD. Which I thought was reasonable... Until it arrived and I realized it impossible to get it to angle in the direction you want, unless you want it pointing straight ahead, to the ceiling, to the floor, or at the passenger...

The grip is pathetic so you won't want to have it near an open window, and the NFC is pointless as its quicker put it in the cradle and press the icon for the all you want instead of bashing your phone on the cradle, then pressing accept, then trying to get it in the cradle without touching the screen.