Grab Twitter and Instagram stat tracker UnfollowSpy for free during the next three days


UnfollowSpy is one of our favorite apps on Windows Phone for tracking our Instagram and Twitter stats. It's a great app with useful free features, but you'll want to pay a small in-app purchase fee to unlock the whole experience. Thankfully it's now free for the next three days.

UnFollowSpy is featured on AppDeals as the free app of the day. For the next three days you'll be able to grab the in-app purchase without spending a dime. Normally you'd to pay $1.49 to unlock the full app.

Here's what you can unlock for free with the in-app purchase:

  • No ads
  • Group following and unfollowing
  • Inactive and overactive friends views on Twitter
  • Top followers, worst followers, and secret admirers views on Instagram


Grab UnfollowSpy and let us know what you think! Like the app? Leave a good review for the dev.

QR: UnfolowSPy


Reader comments

Grab Twitter and Instagram stat tracker UnfollowSpy for free during the next three days


Go to settings in Unfollow. Click on buy app or remove ads. It will take you to store for free purchase. ☺

Snap. Nevermind. I wonder how much the free apps on AppDeals are hurting developers if they are widely publicised in such a popular forum as this.

Developers have to agree to MyAppFree to have their app/game as one of their deals, however the developers in exchange for putting their app/game up for free they get their app more publicize by MyAppFree on their app and website, so its a win:win

Which is how I understood it. However, surely the more people who see this for free means less eventual revenue for the developer. That's not a win win; it's not a loss leader. Which is why online businesses don't like these voucher code sites. They offer a free code for discount to entice people but then it's spread like wildfire across the net and suddenly more people are getting discount than they originally intended.

This app is garbage and works for like 1 day and then crashes. I've uninstalled and reinstalled more than a hand full of times on my L925 and L1020

Ppl actually care that much about ppl that follow and unfollow them and secretly go to their page all the time? Don't got time for all that... Lol.

I use mine to track who's following me but not liking anything (ghost followers) and who I'm following that's not following back, unless they are (1) A Celebrity (2) Funny (3) Phuckable.

I believe it is saved automatically from the store. After resetting my phone and going into 6tag to get rid of the ads it said I already owned the in app purchase and unlocked with no charge.

It's always been sad if you have paid for an app that will goes free (even for a limited time).
what I'm wondering is that there are too much updates for this app, like once every week. Is that really an improvement update? how come they come so often for an app that I will not use so often (pardon me)

Some people who have a lot of fans or business oriented Twitter or Instagram accounts may use an app like this much more than you, and appreciate developer commitment to improve.

Well yes I admit since I'm not that often using this app, that's why I questioned which part was improved with the update. Sorry for my silly question.

I'm not sure how many times this has been said,but I'll say once again. WPCentral app IS FREE!. The purchase option is there only to remove the ads.

Sam. I clicked your link to install. It download for free,but it still has ads and wants me to pay to remove them. Am I doing something wrong or did I do something wrong,or am I missing something?

If you click "buy" you should see the price as zero.

Remember, it's free to download the app, but you'll need to go into the app and remove the ads, unlock features, etc by "buying" the in-app purchase. When you click buy on the in-app purchase you'll see the price as $0.00.

There used to be a great Facebook app like this from another developer but Facebook recently told him it violated terms and conditions and blocked the sign in process.

I just literally downloaded and paid for this yesterday, oh well, either way the developer deserves it, it's a nice clean, well done app

Anyone have any issue with it not being able to load their instagram account? I add my account and it starts the first update but sticks with the progress bar about 70% done.

Its a worth buy followers tracking app. I'd purchased my copy before this offer and it's been worth every cent. It uses 6tag as default instaghram app associated with some actions like (open in instagram) etc.