Clubs are rolling out now to Xbox One Preview members, giving Xbox Live a welcome social boost.

Clubs are essentially player-created gaming communities. Players in a Club can post Looking For Group ads, make parties quickly using the Club's membership roster, and share a feed of player-curated content, including screenshots, clips, achievements, and general messages. Also, it appears you can join as many Clubs as you want!

Keep in mind that Clubs are a work in progress. Future updates will bring a shared chatroom as well as a dedicated showcase area for Club admins to show off the group's greatest content.

While we wait for that, though, you're going to need to know how to join a Club. Simply follow these steps!

Join a Club

  1. Navigate to the Community Tab to the right of the main dashboard.
  2. Select Clubs.

  3. Select Find a Club.
  4. If you know the Club name, type it in. Note: Like Gamertags, Club names are unique.
  5. If you don't have a Club in mind, you can browse Clubs with a combination of by game or by tag.

    • Tags include things like "no trash talking," "experienced players only," "all ages welcome" and so on.
    • Tags are designed to help you find the Club perfect for you.
    • Clubs can also be associated with specific games enjoyed by its members, to help you find like-minded players.
  6. Select either "Choose tags" or "Choose games" to browse by criteria. Note: Even Win32 PC games can be associated with Clubs.

  7. Once you have found the Club you want to join select it, then hit request invitation.

    • Public Clubs can be followed by anyone, even when you're not a member.
    • Private Clubs can be found via search, but their content is for members only.
    • There are also hidden Clubs that are accessible only via invitation.
  8. You can access your Club at any time using the Xbox Guide, by double tapping on the Xbox button to open the Friends tab.

Leave a Club

If you're unhappy with your Club, you can quit at any time using the following steps.

  1. Double tap the Xbox button on your controller to open the Guide.
  2. Navigate to the Friends tab, positioned second from the top.
  3. Select the Club you wish to leave.

  4. Select "Resign from Club" on the Club Info tab.

Clubs are a powerful addition to the Xbox Live feature set, allowing gamers to form communities around practically any topic on the Xbox One Preview. When Clubs hit Windows 10 and Xbox One publicly, they could revolutionize the way gamers organize across Xbox One and PC, replacing third-party web-based grouping systems often used by communities in Destiny and Elite Dangerous.

If you want to create your very own Club, we also created a guide on how to do that linked below. Also, feel free to seek out and join the Windows Central Club, accepting membership now on the Xbox One Preview!

How to Create a Club on Xbox One