Match gems for less with Bejeweled Live, the Xbox Live Deal of the Week

Jewel of the Nile

Yes, our DOTW images are getting more and more obscure.

Last week Gerbil Physics - a game that had never been on sale before - became the Xbox Live Deal of the Week. That must’ve been an aberration, as this week we get another repeat deal. Bejeweled Live is on sale again for $2.99, down from $4.99.Bejeweled Live

Bejeweled is the classic match-3 puzzle game that has enchanted casual gamers across a variety of platforms. If you’re hungry for a simple puzzle game to play whenever a spare moment pops up, Bejeweled is a good place to look. As our review indicates, the Windows Phone version has three ways to play: Classic, Race the Clock, and Endless. It’s also got some tough and grindy Achievements despite being a casual title, but that’s PopCap games for you.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for either the enhanced iOS version of Bejeweled (based on Bejeweled 3) or Zuma’s Revenge to come to Windows Phone. In the meantime, Bejeweled Live could use a permanent price drop, and it wouldn’t hurt to put Plants vs. Zombies on sale at last. Come on PopCap, make our dreams come true!

Bejeweled Live is on sale for $2.99 for one week only. Grab it here  on the Marketplace.

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Reader comments

Match gems for less with Bejeweled Live, the Xbox Live Deal of the Week


I also don't get these deal of the week news posts. You review non Xbox live games but post when xbl games are on sale? Anyone with a windows phone that plays games can easily see what game is on sale because Microsoft shoves it down your throat in the games hub.

Thanks guys. Appreciate the support!

Besides, it's nice to have a record of what went on sale when, isn't it?

And Arsenic, let's not live up to your reputation. :P

Agree with everyone besides the first poster.  Besides, Paul generally covers Xbox Live games news on this site, and DotW qualifies as news in my book. 

Some people like me only care about Xbox Live enabled games. I appreciate the posts. Besides I have seen where WP Central has posted about non XBL enabled price drops. Example: Armed.

dude, repeat sales are getting disappointing. There are enough games to not have a repeat, and repeats should be sporadic and not 3 out of 4 sales in a month.

Agreed as well.  I'm lucky because this one was DotW before I got my phone, so it's new to me at least.  But there's lots of good games on the marketplace that could use a good DotW.
I'd also love to see a Rocket Riot DotW repeat.

I patiently waited a year for this deal to repeat. I've been kicking myself for missing it the first time.