Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals continues featuring the FitBit Flex

Microsoft 12 Days of Deals

Microsoft is heading into day four of their 12 Days of Deals promotion highlighting a popular fitness accessory, the FitBit Flex.  They are bundling the fitness monitor with either a pair of Yurbuds or Klipsch earbud headsets.

The first twenty customers at each participating Microsoft Store can pick up the bundle for $99.99 along with a $25 Microsoft Gift Card.  The deal is also available for the first 100 online customers.  After which, the bundle will still be $99.99 (while supplies last) minus the Gift Card.

If you don’t have a Microsoft Store in your neighborhood, you can find the 12 Days of Deals here at the Microsoft Store website.   The sale price begins in just over half an hour at 7:00am PST/10:00am EST and is available in the US/Canada only.

If you are curious what deals are up next, check out our full listing of the 12 Days of Deals here.


Reader comments

Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals continues featuring the FitBit Flex


They don't currently have a native app. There's a 3rd party that is basically read only, as fitbit doesn't have APIs for reading data off of the devices. 

With the new Bluetooth LE 4.0 coming in Lumia Black, and the pedometer Nokia showed on the 1520 at Nokia World, let's hope some first class support is coming soon.

The issue extends beyond Nokia - even with Lumia Black, there will be missing libraries that Microsoft has to provide in Windows Phone 8.1 or similar. On top of that, those sync APIs aren't open to the public, only FitBit has them and they implement them on select devices at their own discretion.

There's a lot of moving pieces, and most Windows Phones don't even have the first piece yet.

I hope that means we'll be able to sync Fitbit using our Nokia Lumias soon... In theory WP8 is still missing a few APIs but Nokia always had extra access to the core OS so maybe they can get it done.

Nice timing! Too bad it's not what I was hoping for. Was hoping for some secretive collaboration between Nokia/Fitbit/Others in that screenshot. Just like that article says, I am not carrying my phone with me 100% all day every day. Some times it is in the pants pocket, coat pocket, hands, etc. 

Pissed my Garmin watch is backordered since its for a gift. Should have went to the store. Though happy about my $99 price.

I am sorry but I'll have to complain. How come we never have any deal like those ones in Europe / France? I mean OFFICIAL deals, not private sales or alike (which are rare anyway). :-(

I went around 2pm to my local Microsoft Store and they sold only 2 of the 20 doorbuster deals available. They have to be lucky to sell all 20 by 9pm.