Modern Combat 5 hitting Windows and Windows Phone this Thursday

Anybody worried that Android and iOS would be getting preferential treatment for the launch of Modern Combat 5 can rest assured that it will be available on Windows and Windows Phone at the exact same time. Gameloft also confirmed that every "HD" title they're releasing in the second half of the year will be launching on Windows and Windows Phone at the same time as other platforms.

I've been playing the iOS build for a few days now, and it's pretty great. There's all of the in-depth weapon customization and massively competitive online multiplayer, but minus the in-app purchases. The graphics are as gorgeous as ever, and though I'm still not entirely sold on first-person shooters on mobile, Modern Combat 5 stands to be the best among those out there. Here's some lengthier gameplay I had this weekend, if you're interested in a sneak peek. Our review's coming up shortly.

Gameloft's AAA shooter franchise comes back to Windows and Windows Phone this Thursday, July 24, for around $6.99. No love for 512 MB RAM Windows Phones, though. Who's in?


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Modern Combat 5 hitting Windows and Windows Phone this Thursday


This game does not need xbox.. Xbox to be honest is useless like achievements on Google play, who looks at them anyways?

Everyone who has an Xbox and a gamerscore, just cuz you don't have an Xbox, doesn't mean the rest of us dont wanna increase our gamerscore while enjoying a game

Yeah I know.. I get caught up with scores too, but then I realise that it doesn't matter at all.. To each it's own

Yea, you are right, I only just got caught into the scores because I just got my Xbox so now I am increasing my score a lot more, and I wanna get it higher since my friends r at 30000 and stuff. I am a teenager so I like competition, but sorry for snapping at u ;)

I also want/need controller support. I dont care anymore about Xbox support if updates are fast and game releases are approximate to iOS and Android. Give me controller support!

I'm really not gonna miss you guys that always complain about Xbox and controllers.... Actually I hope they do add controller support so I can give you all a beat down with the touch screen. It really is the best way to play.

If you want to play the best looking games on mobile ... Don't bet on it running on 512 MB.

Although I wont go for this game, I use a desktop for fps, it's great that Gameloft is supporting the platform. Hats off to them

I'll buy it even though it's not my typical game on a phone.  I have some credit left from the free $25 from Nokia on the Icon and I want to support these bigger mobile developers that are releasing software at the same time as iOS and Android.  Especially Unity developers since it's so easy for them to port it's stupid they don't.

When mc4 wasn't, this certainly will never support.. I guess my L625 will suffer once again... Will install it using xap deployment the same way I played mc4 on my l625..

I hope it has Xbox Live otherwise I'm not interested in it. Gameloft, give me the features I want and I'll give you the money you want. #SaveXboxWP

It's not stupid at all. Cross-platform play only works in asynchronous games, not real-time games, and especially not real-time FPS games. Different ports are optimized differently for each platform. Even a nanosecond of difference can give players an advantage over others. Cross-platform play sucks.

Come on, you know it wont and neither will any 3rd party AAA title. All we'll get is puzzle games from Microsoft which will eventually end on on ios and android. Xbox on WP is dead.

You don't understand. I also am pissed off that Xbox from WP is gone. But if you want a game released at the same time as other platforms it cant be Xbox enabled. The certification process takes months. I would still prefer a game 6 months after release with Xbox but that's how it is.

Not true. There have been Xbox games in the past that have launched simultaneously or nearly simultaneously with other plaforms. That said, I couldn't care less about a game arriving at the same time as on other platforms, just that it arrives with Xbox integration. Nevertheless, yes, the Xbox Live certification process badly needs revision. That's what the #SaveXboxWP movement is all about.

I have a hard time taking someone who's admitted to buying "bad" XBL enabled games on sale and sinking time into them just for the gamer score pts., but who won't support acclaimed non-XBL titles seriously.

If you could get GP on Android you would have jumped ship eons ago.  Gaming has changed...I wish your message would too.  I want a long, and vital life for WP.  Your interests are somewhere else.

1. There is no such thing as a bad Xbox Live game, just lesser degrees of awesomeness.

2. I'd hardly call Gameloft titles "acclaimed". They're unoriginal rip offs plagued by performance issues.

3. I will never go back to Android. Ever.  Google is evil.

4. Wrong. Gaming has not changed in this sense. Microsoft invented achievements and every major gaming platform since then has adopted it. Know the market.

5. Wrong. My interests lie with helping WP grow. The only way that will happen is via distinguishing features, not sloppy seconds with stripped down features.

Agreed. I don't mind waiting longer for a game, if it's got Xbox achievements. Could care less about playing cross platform, kind of lame, actually.

No no, just saying, because there is many people asking for "Lumia phones" come on its windows phone OS :P

I'm not sure about 512ram, but they once said they are trying to optimise this game to run on as many as possible devices.. So I think maybe :)

Exactly. Six Guns looks awesome on 520. But Modern Combat. YES!
Only thing is... It's not going to happen):):):):):):):):):):):

It's the best looking game on mobile ! (maybe excluding the Infinity Blade series). Don't get your hopes up.

I hope every WinPhan will support or at least appreciate the game the way it is regardless if it's an Xbox title or not.

Not much of a lover of FPS games, especially on mobile. If it was Xbox enabled I might actually give it a shot, but Gameloft dropped that so long ago its hard to remember when they did support it.

Since I can install apps and games on the SD card... I downloaded every app and every game I can! LOL

Quality and smart studios are like this! They want their games/apps everywhere. More people using/playing, good for them, good for us. There are a lot of "devs" that have to learn something with this examples. Congratulations to Gameloft!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope it doesn't have any basically unobtainable, poorly thought-out multiplayer achievements like the last game and NOVA did. Otherwise no buy

That's because Gameloft found the Xbox Live certification process to be a big impediment as it cost them a lot more time and money to update games than it should have. That is no longer an issue for their newer games, hence the games actually get updates! Also, they're just increasing their WP and Windows 8 support in general, which is great.

when a game isn't available on WP some  complain about the lack of support but when its available they complain because its not xbox live title :\

Dam, better complete 4 asap. Also, if there are any game devs here, can someone let me know if this azure cloud save stuff MS was pushing is actually coming? Need to remove to games for space.

I'm glad this attitude by gameloft, but other games like "GT RACING 2, Heroes of Order & Chaos, Rival Knights" are all in trouble. After a few rounds the application does not open. Solve it ASAP.

Happy to see the big time games show up on WP same day as IOS and Droid. I love Xbox but it Microsoft STILL has not shown me way Xbox enabled games are worth the extra waiting time on windows phone....i love achievements and friends list but I would rather have the games to play especially when they're new and popular.

That doesn't mean that game developers should work for free. It sucks when online purchases are difficult or impossible in some countries, though.

Can someone explain to me why do you care about the Xbox live support? Points? I think it has been useless since Xbox...

Its similar to Modern Combat, I have it on my PS4. I love them both, hope this comes to platform like Domination did for PS3.

1. Xbox integration's been taken away from their games.

2. All they do is blatantly rip off other companies.

The practices of this company aren't worth my patronage anymore.

Wonder if it will be free like the rest of the Gameloft games...unless that was a short term thing.

If it has xbox controller support I may actually think about buying it, if not it is highly unlikely i will even try it, touch for a fps just doesnt seem to do it for me.  Games that have controller support get significantly more play time from me.  What an awesome feature to use the best controller available for sweet mobile gaming.

This is Modern Combat FIVE and this douche says he's "still not sold on mobile fps", what a moron. Gameloft wouldn't be making them and surely wldnt port to a insignificant OS like WP if the money, interest and technology wasnt there.


Can we get an author that at least knows the mobile gaming scene please?

Nobody has to like playing FPS games on mobile devices. Everyone has their own preferences and no game (or type of game) is for everybody. Please be more respectful of opinions that differ from your own, and especially site staff.

This game will not have xbox support as made by gamesoft, they don't support xbox live enabled anymore with there games. This is why xbox Live is stuggling on mobile as gamesoft & Rovio have pulled out of xbox Live games.


If it has Xbox on it, I will buy it on release day. If no Xbox, No buy. #SaveXboxWP

I was looking forward to this one, it's sad that I know it wont have Xbox and I will have to skip over it.

not sure why everyone is so excited, every single gameloft game i have played has been riddled with bugs, including game breaking bugs, stat reseting bugs, achievement bugs, and they have basically zero support.