Some Nokia Lumia Icon users report unresponsive power button after Windows Phone 8.1 update

Nokia Lumia Icon

We know many of you are really happy about the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers, but some people are experiencing issues with it. To be specific, some Nokia Lumia Icon users are seeing problems with the power button not waking up the device at certain times. We are also experiencing this problem on two of our own Lumia Icons. Are you?

WPCentral forum member carstenosu is the first person to mention the issue. He/she asks, “I'm having issues with my power button not being very responsive. Anybody else experiencing this?”

Other users like MobileVortex have mentioned that a second or third press usually wakes up the Lumia Icon.

If your Lumia Icon does not wake up, you can force a reboot or soft reset. This is possible by holding down the Volume Down and Power buttons together for about 15 seconds or until you feel the phone vibrate. Let’s hope that Microsoft knows about this issue and is preparing a fix for this annoying bug.

Are you experiencing this power button issue on your Lumia Icon after installing the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers? Let others know in this thread over at the forums and make sure to follow the conversation.


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Some Nokia Lumia Icon users report unresponsive power button after Windows Phone 8.1 update



Same problem on 920. Periodically, my phone do not switch display off by pressing power button. There's not the only one trouble with dev preview. For example, Sometimes screen do not turning off when I make a call and phone is near my ear.

So are any of you noticing that the Snap dragon 800 isn't running apps as smoothly as it was on WP 8, this is coming from a 1520 but their nearly identical internal wise

i want to know also i have found alot of issues would be nice to report them with detail to make it easier to figuer out and fix

Exactly. My 1020 running WP8 GDR3 is great and stable. I will happily wait for 8.1 to come from my carrier along with a Nokia firmware update not because I'm "afraid of technology." On the contrary, I wait because I know too much about technology. I am on the inside and it ain't pretty in here.

the problem is because the WP8.1 make all apps working in background. Go on battery saver, usage and disable the apps that you do not want working in background. Trust me you'll save a lots o battery life doing this.


Actually it is, that's why all windows phones have much lower mah than android phones. Or should be, anyway. Noticed less battery on 8.1 myself.

Mine is draining faster as well however seems to have stablized are two days and two reboots.  Might have been continued reconfiguration issues


Set your preferred apps to run in background within the battery saver settings. Each one needs to be addressed individually. Many I had set to off were automatically on. Great improvement here!

How do I set perferred apps to run in background and not all of them on Windows Phone 8.1? I am still fairly new the WP and still learning.

Same here with my Nokia Lumia 928. It's honestly faster. Apps open and close in a snap. At first I was a bit alarmed about battery drainage. But after WPCentral's article about background tasks being re-routed to the battery settings. Everything was back to normal once I prevented certain apps from running in the background. Is it possible that WP8.1 is optimized for the older Lumia handsets?

I think so. Windows Phone has a smooth performance even in low end handsets. I have a Lumia 520 and I didn't experience any issues, just a heavier battery use (nothing absurd, however), after the 8.1 update. MS kept the good old performance and added some groundbreaking features without compromising it. But, problems are expected, since it's a preview; so far, I'm enjoying the update a lot.

I sincerely am happy it has worked out for you, but consider yourself lucky. It would be really great if we could take an image of our phones that we could easily revert back to should something go wrong. Then I would join you with a day one upgrade!

It's a good question though, calm down. Is there an official way to report bugs? Would be good to know what's been observed by others already

It's the same build sent to manufacturers. Just as with GDR3. It is a preview, not a beta. Bugs are not expected. Possible, yes. Expected, no.

It's a preview not a beta software test. Tell me if any one finds any difference between lumia icon pre loaded wp8.1 n other phones wp8.1. They might fix these bugs only in the next gdr update

I have been a MS Beta tester since Windows 95 and I can assure you that a Developer Preview does not necessarily mean that a Build is a Beta.

Agreed. Oddly enough this same power button and continued abrupt power cycling had begun happenings the first day after installing 8.1
Thankfully a factory reset cleared all that up for men :)

Uhm..."windows phone 8.1 is full of bugs" is a false statement..it may have some minor glitches being a developer product, this is pretty obvious and I'm giving for granted that each and every person that installed it is at least aware of the Terms & Condition that they signed...
At least show some decency and respect for people that is working...if you have some useful feedback otherwise if I were you I would reconsider what I have installed on my phone and why..

Since i ve updated ,
1) my phone got switched off due to low battery within hour despite showing 100 percent battery.
2) i had to do soft reset of my phone to bring it back from switched off state.
3) change of backgrounds of tile not showing the old imagebonly.
4) open app press windows button and immediately try to swipe up, the start screen will not be responsive.
5) loading of store and games app is too slow
6) tiles not refreshing the unread messages info accurately like before.
7) press back to show the opened apps window, u can see a mild line on either side of the open app.
8) bing opens very late as compared to before.

Without me dedicatedly testing if i can find so many bugs within days then imagine how many real bugs might be there. My only concern is can Microsoft fix these bugs in the yet to be released final version, which is only two months away.

Tell me the site where everyone is reporting the bugs, so tat we can report and help make this os better

neither of all these problems r on my 920,820 and 620. ( all upgraded to WP8.1)

my only complaint so far is the music player...its a bit slower than the old one and less functional....also there's lots of "Loading......." at the top. Another thing is that the tile of the music player is no longer live

it has been reported that the old one is still there hidden...hope some developer would create a shortcut tile for it.


Some of these issues dont exist with the 920, and some of them are works in progress that youre marking as bugs, even though theyre unfinished. Bing opens later because it has a new slower animation.

How do u know they r in progress, do u work for Microsoft?
N regarding Bing it's the time taken before the actual animation starts is slow

@ghousuddin a.... I fortunately can say that I haven't experienced any of the problems you've mentioned. So far so great with my Nokia Lumia 928. Many early adopters are using the Developers Preview for the first time. If it helps, an update was installed before the WP8.1 developers preview which prepared my 928 for 8.1. I'm sure the glitches experienced by many early adopters are valid. However, my Lumia 928 honestly feel like a brand new phone. It's as if I own an Lumia Icon with the "Glance" option.

Everybody's phone has different apps, different orders they are installed... a lot of the data was re-configured to work for 8.1... it is possible some of these issues are your apps data problems... a hard reset is always preferable to simply loading on top of the old... it's like "getting a brand new car and cramming it full of the garbage you keep on the floor of your old car"... I would guess that the majority of these issues are solved by a hard reset "about|reset your phone"

My 520 was purchased as just a development phone... although I have a couple apps on it there isn't much there... the only problem is, without a cell connection, cortana doesn't want to work much of the time... bid deal... I develop the toys... I rarely play with them =)

Same problem here early on, putting it on a charger wired or wireless fixes it. No reboot required. Haven't had the power on problem in over 24 hours though.

Anybody notice that the sound in headphones stop working in one side? I have that issue on my 925, however restarting it makes stereo work again

I have this problem on my 1520, I've turned on double tap to wake. Although battery life is suffering badly.

You should go into battery settings and configure which apps are running in the background (formerly known as background tasks). Navigate to "settings> battery saver> swipe to left to access "Usage" then check for any apps that may be running in the background, but aren't a necessity. My battery usage is great even with the glance featured turned on.

Lumia 620 here, currently downloading 8.1 . Will tell you when it's finished. Been at installation setup for half hour now.

Try this out , hope it will solve your problem.


Go to setting--> Go to Kids Corner ----> Turn off Live Lock screen Tools----> Press Finish.


I had the same problem but after following above mentioned steps the problem( Screen comes after 4 second of presisng power button)  rectified .

KInternet sharing problem in my Lumia 520,when ever I switch on internet sharing option the network disappeares every time have to switch off and switch on.i face some time internet connection problem when I switchon mobile data,this was not experienced it n windows phone 8,

Honestly though, my phone feels a lot laggier after the update. The battery life seems worse too. I have the 925 though, which only has a dual core processor and smaller battery.

I have a lumia 925 too and the battery now is worse than iPhone's. Tried everything already and it lasts a maximum of 8 hours (before it used to last at least 26 hours). I just gave up and now I'm using Nokia Recovery to go back to WP8. I hope things get back to normal.

I hope so, Dose anyone have any proof of this? The first Developer Preview was the RTM code, or very near it. Windows Phone 8.1 not acting like near RTM code...

I just changed the sync settings. One of them I set to check every 15 minutes instead of as they arrive, so hopefully that will help a little bit.

wifi connected to a secure network is causing many of us these lockup/unresponsive power button issues.

Turn wifi off and only turn it on to connect to open networks and the power button issues will go away.


Battery on my lumia 920 is shocking with 8.0, so glad I didn't do.the update. Nokia are looking at phone soon to sort as they suspect a battery issue. I suspect charging whilst on is the problem

It's happened on my Icon as well. 2nd or 3rd click will usually wake it, and it's only happened a handful of times. Maybe 15% of my wake attempts.

I had an issue similar to this yesterday. My L920 wouldn't close nor would it charge when I plugged it in. It was able to shut off and when I turned it back on it was fine. I wish I was paying attention to what I was doing to see if I could recreate the problem.

Same here.920 didn't charge today and already 2 times the power button would not work.a volume down and power button combo breaker brought me back from deaths doorstep. I'm also having problems with Cortana and Bluetooth. When someone texts me I can reply through my Bluetooth stereo while I'm driving and it hears me fine but if I try to start a new text message it always says it can't hear me. Regardless,I love the update. If they had an option to report problems straight from the phone to Microsoft I would gladly be a beta tester for them.

By the way, completely typed that last message and this message using "swipe" keyboard. I didn't think I would like it but its growing on me. Good show Microsoft.

My wif'es 920 is completely dead now after installing the update.  Won't restart, won't soft reset and won't hard reset.  This update is cool but this is anot cool... Don't really know what to do.  If they "fix" this problem, how do I fix it on the phone without having to send it in for repairs. Headache!

Hold Volume Down and plug it in. Hold Volume Down until it vibrates or you see on the screen. Then press Volume Up, Volume Down, Power, Volume Down in that order, and wait for it to reboot.


I am experiencing issue with volume down button and camera button on my Lumia 720, doesn't response many time.

Cuz with firmware updates they make sure 100% that all hardware works with the updated sofrware

Does the icon have double tap to wake as an alternative to wake up? I suppose it must be a total lockdown as I'm sure someone has tried to boot up the camera to turn it on, but it's worth asking :-)

I had the same problem come up a few times on my HTC 8xt. But has anyone else noticed a decrease in battery performance. I know the 8xt has a terrible battery, but with wp8 update3 I was able to get 12 hours, Now with wp8.1, I'm getting about 6-8 hours. I have about medium usage.

There are so many problems with the HTC 8XT after the update like Wi-Fi bugging out after screen goes to sleep.

The funny thing is I haven't had a problem with the WiFi yet (knock on wood). I turn it on and off only if I need to download an app or sync photos. But I guess a firmware update would fix the wifi problem.

Honestly, once I quit playing with Cortana and all the features, my battery life has pretty much returned to normal, I'm getting 12-14 hrs per charge, compared to 14-16 on 8.0, only needing to charge overnight as usual.


Keep in mind, since I have wifi turned off permanently, battery life would go down, which is why I'm saying its pretty 'normal' on 8.1.


The only issue I'm having is the wifi issue, otherwise, I've been rock solid since turning off wifi.


I would be curious ZiKhan if your battery life improved with wifi turned off...when wifi was on for me, my 8XT was hot and battery life degraded...leading me to believe there's code hung up draining power when wifi is on...just a thought


Did u try disabling some of the apps running in the background? Mine was draining too but after checking the what's running in the background, i noticed many apps that i don't usually have enabled to run in the background were running, so i disabled them and battery has been lasting longer.

My experience with battery drainage mirrors that of @abduz. Configuring which apps are running in the background worked well for me. Nokia Lumia 928.

I've noticed much worse battery performance, but I wasn't sure if that was because I'm playing with it more. But yeah, GDR 3 had outstanding battery performance. Now, not so much. Wi-Fi seems to be better though, previously I had to constantly toggle Wi-Fi off and on else it (it would say it was connected but no data would go over Wi-Fi, it had to use cell instead).

My 1520 showed that behavior sometimes too. I use double tap for wake up but for the first 15 seconds i only get 256 colors, after that all colors come back!

Actually, this has been happening to me on my 920 even before the 8.1 update. I was hoping the update would fix it. Likewise, my phone will go into charging mode at random times when it's not on a charger or plugged in. Anyone else experiencing the latter?

..."my phone will go into charging mode at random times when it's not on a charger"... could be somehting in the charger port or bent connecters... not good, Stuff like that is how people phone battery explode.

One day Nokia may bring out a phone without bugs or hardware issues. My 920 has issues without 8.1.

Yes same here. I had issues with the power button on my 625 on 8.0. I also had that issue someone else mentioned with sound only coming out of one headphone, and a soft reset being needed to fix it. I haven't had either issue since the update.

I have 2 Lumia Icons and we haven't experienced this issue (yet) on win 8.1. Loving this update by the way!!!!

Yes I've been dealing with this and when I power it on sometimes I have to try twice to get it to boot

I had it yesterday and today on my 920 that the screen would just completely freeze and had to do a soft reset. But had to do more than 10 soft resets to use it again for a certain amount of time. After 3 times reinstalling 8.1 it still happend. Did a recovery with Nokia Software Tools and went back to 8.0 (which works fine on my phone) and than i install 8.0 clean (not using back ups) and managed to install 8.1 and so far it's working with a problem (keeping my fingers crossed).

Was annoying tho with the screen freezing up.

Some features of WP8.1 is very nice but still OS is laggy.. Specially on 512 Mb ram devices.it is not as smooth as older one.

Actually, many people have reported that it is smoother once you do a hard reset, even on the 520. I think its because with a hard reset it gets rid of the 8.0 junk files. You should try it, people are very happy regarding it. Also, remove the (bing) weather app, many people reported that it helps.

I never found the OS to be laggy before 8.1. The update actually seems even smoother for me on Lunia 822 and 928. I've never owned a WP8 device with only 512 MB of ram, so I can't really give an opinion on those.

Yup, training like crazy for me as well.

Getting fed up being told to turn off background tasks. I have turned off anything useless, but if I turn of anymore things then the basic principle of live tiles and push notifications will be removed from my phone.

I kinda feel lucky. I have a 925 and I haven't had any glitches with mine yet! Hope I didn't just jinx myself. :/

Not only am I experiencing the power button issue, my wifi has gone to crap as well. LTE seems to be unaffected. Did a hard reset already.

Same here I was getting solid WIFI prior to windows 8.1 update now it drops and is wayyyyyy slowere, from about 10 megs a sec to 2.

Happened a few times on my 1520, double tap unlocked it. Don't think it has happened in a while.

I'm having a similar issue with my HTC 8X. Sometimes I can't lock the screen, all power button will do is turn it off. I have to reboot it in order to fix it. Has happened 2-3 times. I bet it's a firmware issue.

For me it takes forever to send text messages sometimes and it will get unresponsive for a little bit. 1020 on att

Yes, since the 8.1 update, sometimes on my 1520, the power button does not switch off my screen. Good to know that it's not me only who's experiencing the problem.

For me, it's just increased battery drain. I guess Cortana needs to be active to be the awesomeness that it is.

I've been experiencing this problem on my 928 about three months before I got the 8.1 update.

Dont even care how off topic this is because the music app SUCKS. An update needs to be released ASAP. Just give me the one from WP 8

Oh the playlist...let me tell about that: Tried to create one and I added all my 220 songs, guess what happened? When I went to the playlist it showed 36 songs added. I said well, this ain't right. I have added all my songs manually by tapping them in groups of 20 and then adding them to the playlist. After I finished I started to listen to the playlist to find out that it will only get 100 songs from it, not all of them. FFS this is an abomination, I can't believe that for 3 years they have the same team for Xbox Music, I would have fired them all. Never seen so much incompetency and bad coding since the first versions of Android. Do they realizes that young people under age of 30 listen to music at least once a day on their phone?

I'm with you, even though I'm over 30 and old. They need to get music right. This is such a basic feature.

Do you think the bugs are from when people were downloading it. I downloaded mine at 6 am. Right at the release. Maybe because of heavy traffic, codes could have gotten disrupted somehow. Idk.

I don't have issues except Cortana doesn't greet me.

Had this happen a couple of times on the 928, but it hasn't happened in a while now. No problems so far on 822.

my 1520 is giving a weird popping sound while skipping any video from the slider...did a hard reset twice but it's still existing...

My Lumia 925's touch screen would stop responding sometimes, though the power button would still function (sorta). My friend's 925 would also stop responding completely sometimes, unable to turn on (or so it appears).

I have been experiencing the same problem recently on my Lumia 1520
I just reset my phone for screen "bleaching" issues & so far, the power button is giving me no problem - Strange