Official YouTube app for Windows Phone 7 and 8 is back and now available

Earlier this year, Microsoft surprise its users by releasing its own YouTube app, complete with login and advanced management features of the popular streaming service. At the time, it was thought that Microsoft had come to an agreement with Google over the app, but as it turns out that was not the case. After some back and forth between the companies, Microsoft had agreed to pull the app as they work on a new, compliant version with Google.

Today, version of YouTube is now live on the Store for Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8 devices.

The new app looks a lot like the app that was pulled and even includes an upload feature for posting videos directly to the service. That should reassure customers who believe the app would be stripped of functionality (one feature that seems to be missing is downloading of videos).


According to the app description, the features include:

  • Pin any video, playlist, channel, and search queries to Live Tiles
  • Manage your YouTube profile with your unique My YouTube page
  • Manage your playlists, uploads, and video lists
  • Find channels, videos, and playlists with the quick access search bar
  • Share videos to your social networks, e-mail, and text messages
  • Let your kids watch safe videos in Kid’s Corner and keep their own profile

The app is now available for older devices too, which is a great win for legacy users who have felt left out lately from Microsoft’s releases.

You can download the now official (and legal) YouTube app for Windows Phone here in the Store.

Update: See our video tour of the app in this follow up article

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Reader comments

Official YouTube app for Windows Phone 7 and 8 is back and now available



Metrotube is Awesome ... :) I know Youtube/Google will steals the features from this app as they always do :/

haha me too. Having to install updates individually to avoid updating YouTube has been a pain, but worth it!

Well then. Lets see how this pans out. The account menu looks quite weird without the downloads button :(

On my side, I am working on spreading the news to some whiners, aka tech bloggers not familier with WP! :D

And thank you.

From my one try at the download back then, I couldn't watch the downloaded videos on the subway without a network connection. Killed one of the major points of downloading for me. I have enough data allowance for me not to worry about streaming, since I barely stream video or music to begin with

I'm about to do the same thing. Microsoft went through a lot of crap with Scroogle to get this released. I'm still a fan of Metrotube though.

That's true. Microsoft deserves props for this. I will use this app just to show that the effort was worth it. Plus, I still bought MetroTube twice. :). And I can mix and match.

Still can't believe some people wouldn't flash their phones cos of that!! There must have been videos of hot chicks flashing on it !!!

"This Microsoft developed YouTube App and its creators are not associated with or sponsored by YouTube, LLC or Google,Inc."

Curious, no?

Anyway, I kept the old version so all I had to do was update.

Yup, I already deleted metrotube once I saw the title of this article haven't even read it yet. Hehe.

MetroTube still much better!
The OLD YouTube (by Microsoft) version 3.0.5015.1 is MUCH BETTER also,
I will skip this DOWNGRADE... Cheers,

What made the old version better? According to the article, the only thing that changed is the download button.

Depends. This official one is nice but MetroTube has some advantages. Try both.

I personally am keeping both Apps.

Still has metrotube on my phone. Other than preloading/downloading, what are advantages of metrotube? Can't edit my videos/profile/etc. I upload highlight reels of black ops 2 from my Xbox and have to go through browser to edit titles/descriptions/etc.

To be honest, ads don't bug me nearly so much as the inability to download videos.  After all, ads are how content providers make money off their product without having to charge for it.

App is publish by Microsoft not Google.
UF anything, still hate Google for not having download and for imposing ads.

Dan, is this any way better than the old version that was pulled? I know download is gone, something else? if its worse, I can live with the "1" update perpetually :)

Seems like its not available for everyone, because it tells me I can't download it, L720 - jordan,
Update: nvm, got it :)

Same with me...not available on L720 - India. I am not sure if it requires 1GB or is it location based!!

I know how you feel.  I'm gonna keep both and if there is something I know I want to save for offline viewing I'll just use MetroTube

One thing about the old app is I found is somewhat laggy. I'm not willing to update it to the new one unless that has been smoothed out, id like to be able to upload to YouTube from my phone. :) If I want to download ill use metrotube.

Finally i have had update for youtube stuck in my market place for the past few months after they pulled it

I do not support apps that have ads, regardless of how small. I would replace Amazing Weather HD with Weather because of the beautiful UI if not for the ads.

What is the big deal about downloading video? I don't get it
I mean why is Google making such a big deal, I can see why people would like the feature.

Anyone else find it interesting that this is the first app that will let you upload videos *already in your camera roll*. As I understood it, no app had access to videos in the camera roll - that's why the only video upload you get in WP apps is for videos you've taken in the app itself.
Is that right, or am I crazy? If I'm not crazy, then this is the first time WP has been truly able to upload vids to YouTube. Awesome!

I've uploaded videos to Facebook from my camera roll before. I can't, however, upload videos not in my camera roll (video on phone not recorded with phone).

...AND you can share videos directly from the Photos app through the 'Share' app bar menu option. Very nice!

You're right! This is the first time we've actually been able to upload directly to YouTube from our phones/camera rolls.. something I sorely missed from the iPhone. Things are getting better over here on the dark side! ;-)

+920 I updated from the "old" version because the article says the new version includes upload feature. First video I try to upload is 308 MB and app says its too large to upload :(
update: Yes I'm on WiFi.

Awesome! I got my Lumia 928 after the first app went down, but its good to have the upload feature!

And for downloading videos I have the File Downloader app :)

I really hope they rid the store of all those YouTube apps. Search the store for YouTube , its like, what the fck?!

I use PRIMETUBE and can't complain at all (stopped using METROTUBE a while back when it was having problems). I'll download this but I'm keeping PRIMETUBE because its the same as my tablet and I like that.

I have a bigger problem youtube just doesn't show up on my region, JUST great Microsoft Just great. 

Does it still add crazy amounts of space to other storage? That's the only problem I had with the original. Best YouTube app though.

Wohoo! Great news.. Miss that app. They removed the option which let me download the video, which gives a point to MetroTube in the comparison.
Still love this one.

Still keeping MyTube: 1. I can browse other videos while playing and 2. If I just wanna hear the videos and browse the web I can.

Don't uninstall you Nokia Uploader yet, the new MS YouTube app has far stricter file size limitations.
Use the Nokia app to upload a large video, then use the MS You Tube app to set it's category, title, etc.

why use an app on a desktop OS when you could just go to the website??
Now all i need is the facebook app to be backported to WP7 and ill be set till my next phone :D

I started downloading this app from the store but suddenly error code 8000ffff showed up and the app is no longer available, nor is it visible in store.

try to search it first at the store then download it. direct download initially from the qr code doesn't work earlier.

I tried installing it on my mothers Lumia 900, everything worked well, downloading, installing ...

Greetzz from Belgium.

I'm glad this official YouTube app is now available, although I will still hang on to MyTube in the meantime.

damn, i've searched in Store, the result is unofficial Youtube app.
MSFT! You should delete unofficial youtube :(

This App is not availabe for your device. Tap Here for more info.
wat the ? #lumia 920-Indonesia (region set to US)

had the same problem but now it is solved. try to search it first at the store then download it. direct download initially from the qr code doesn't work earlier.

now i can download.
but a new problem strikes again : blank screen while trying to watch video.
(note : before MSFT pull out utube apps in store (with download feature) still cant watch videos, blank screen.
#sorry english