Get an Xbox Wireless Controller and 2 games free when you buy a Surface Pro 2 from the Microsoft Store

Surface Pro 2 Geek + Sundry deal

Folks who take advantage of their Surface Pro 2 for gaming are probably in the minority, but Microsoft is tossing up a pretty sweet deal for those who want to get a little more than just productivity done on the device. The Microsoft Store is offering up what it calls a "Geek & Sundry" bundle deal with the Surface Pro 2 that shaves over $100 off buying the tablet, an Xbox Wireless Controller for Windows and two game downloads — War Thunder Mustang Advanced Pack and Farming Simulator 2013 — all together.

Best of all the deal is available for any capacity of the Surface Pro 2 from 64GB up to 512GB (although it's currently out of stock), and there's no fancy rebate or anything to get the deal. Simply follow the source link below, select your Surface Pro 2 model and check the appropriate boxes to get your free Xbox Wireless Controller — your electronic receipt will have codes for the game downloads on it automatically.

This deal is live until May 1st as well if you need some more time to decide, but even if you don't need the games it's hard to turn down the value of the controller alone if you already plan buying a Surface Pro 2.

Source: Microsoft Store


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Get an Xbox Wireless Controller and 2 games free when you buy a Surface Pro 2 from the Microsoft Store


Well PC is getting a driver that allows Xbox One Controlelrs to work with it, from what iv heard its JUST a digital driver, no pphysical things neede other then the controller itself. So when that happens, all Surface Pro Devices will be able to use XBOne Controllers.

It would be nice if they had things together enough to offer an Xbox one controller instead of the old 360 design. When is that support coming?

It seems like they are trying to get rid of old 360 stock, kind of lame to give you an old controller when the new one is out.

Better question: why isn't the support built in to the Surface 2?
No one really wants to drag around the adaptor and 4-6' of cord on their tablet anyways...

Surely with a bit of thought you can work that one out for yourself?

Why add cost to a device, for something a very small % of your customers will use?

Sucks the people making these "sale" decisions are more worried about aggravating their retailers than providing for the consumer. Bogus attempt to clear old inventory.


Does the surface support connecting directly to a 360 controller? I thought that there had to be a USB receiver.. Does this deal come with that too?

That's what I was wondering too...Unless it comes with that connector then you're probably going to be upsold on it. I have a 360 controller and I can't connect it to my PC. Not sure the Surface 2 is somehow different.

I have an Xbox 360 controller and I use it with my PC and my Surface 2.... plugs right into the USB...

Of  course there's a connector adaptor thing at the end of it... came with it though. 

Lucky...my current 360 didn't come with any cords for my wireless controller. If it comes with it that's an awesome deal.

If you go to the source, it says "The included USB receiver lets you use up to four wireless controllers and headsets at once"

Sorry, not biting on this one. Holding out with my Pro 1 until the Surface 3 devices come out later this year...

Well that sucks, cause this is going to be out of my price range till June. At least for the 256gb model. Hope there'll be another thing like this then unless Microsoft unveils a new model (when ever that'll be.)

Apparently no one is aware Geek & Sundry is a YouTube-focused production company providing "geek-focused" video content. The company has a new series called Unplugged featuring Microsoft's Surface tablet. This bundle appears to be a way to promote their series through gaming. One of the more prominent G&S series is Wil Wheaton's "Tabletop" gaming series.