Super Monkey Ball 2 rolling to Xbox Live on Windows Phone next week

Super Monkey Ball 2 Monkey Target

The new Monkey Target minigame

Back when we discovered Final Fantasy would be coming to Windows Phone, we also learned about another upcoming Live title: Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition from SEGA.  Well, Final Fantasy just launched two weeks ago to much acclaim, and now we’re due for some monkey business. Super Monkey Ball 2 arrives on June 27.

As you can see from our exclusive screenshots, Super Monkey Ball 2’s graphics are now fully 3D (the original used 2D sprites for the monkeys). It’s also said to have better controls and stage design. Let’s hope so, because the first game was far too frustrating. 125 stages, six themed worlds, and some tough Achievements will ensure a lengthy experience. One of those Achievements is tied to the game’s new 4-player mode. Hopefully said mode uses the internet rather than local Wi-Fi, but Microsoft wasn’t able to say either way at press time.

Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition rolls out on Wednesday, June 27 and will cost $2.99… We’re cautiously excited for it.

Update: Multiplayer will be pass-and-play only. Bummer. Good for Achievement hunters though!

Super Monkey Ball 2 sakura


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Super Monkey Ball 2 rolling to Xbox Live on Windows Phone next week


That's true of most mobile Live games. We discuss the previous versions in the first SMB2 article (linked in the first paragraph).

This has potential. I love Monkey Ball, but couldn't bring myself to buy the first one.

Glad it's at least launching at $3 and not $5 like the first one, but I don't think I'll grab it at $3.  Maybe it will go on sale some day.

Only one Minigame? The iPod / iOS Version has 3 Minigames .... Bowling, Target and Golf. So i won't buy it again on windows phone :(

Sonic 4 Episode 2 please :) looks good I might actually get this super monkey ball, never been a fan but something about this one grabs me.

I am getting too used to the 99c games to fork out 3euro for a game now.
With the exception of Carcassonne, which I bet will be expensive, but I am dying for that game to come out.
When is it out? It was announced ages ago.

"rolling to Xbox live" "rolls out"...make the bad puns stop!

Seriously speaking, I wonder what the demo version will include. My niece loves these games but I'm gonna have to wait for this to become DOTW.