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htc titan

Good news for those who reside in Poland. The HTC Titan and Radar handsets, running Windows Phone Mango, have appeared on RTV EURO, an online retailer in Poland. The devices are available for pre-order are are priced at 2599zł (£500) and 1799zł (£350) respectively. Poland now joins the UK among other countries who are preparing to release the second generation HTC handsets.

Head on over to the product pages below to kick-start the ordering process.

Source: RTV EURO Titan and Radar product pages, via:

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We keep hearing how Microsoft (and partners) need to sell their devices. And while we mean that in the literal sense, we also mean it in the advertising one as well--they need pizazz, a way to draw in users.

We know with "Mango", Microsoft's partners (OEMs, carriers) will be taking on a larger roll in advertising. What you see above is what looks like to be a first attempt at that, with HTC making a nifty 45 second spot called "HTC TITAN: Reveal". The ad has the phone forming out of air with some solid music playing.

Our only criticism? Would have been nice to throw in some specs--not even a mention of the 4.7" screen? Seems like sacrilege to us. But hey, it's a start.

Related: See Microsoft's Metro ad aimed at developers

Source: Windows Phone UK (YouTube); Thanks, Andrew, for the tip!

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Looks like HTC is pretty darn close to getting that Titan out the doors. We saw it earlier for Vodafone and T-Mobile and now it's showing up in the Netherlands for € 508 come October 7th. The device will be available on multiple carriers, including Telefort, Tele2 and Hi.  Users can also pre-order the phone now to make sure they get that monster in the mail by that date. Sounds good to us.

Source:; Thanks, Johan, for the tip!

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HTC Titan shows up for pre-orders

The HTC Titan has popped up on the website for pre-order. The 4.7" Windows Tablet...err...Phone is up for pre-order on T-Mobile (Europe), O2 and Vodafone.

Package deals have the Mango phone ranging in price from FREE to 219.99 pounds (about $347 US dollars). While we'd love to see an availability day, the best the website offers is "Stock due soon".

Earlier this week AT&T announced they would be adding the HTC Titan to their Windows Phone line-up and hopefully, "Stock due soon" or similar will be showing up on AT&T's website in the near future.  Better yet, I wonder if anyone will be offering it for free here in the States?

Thanks goes out to alexb8 for tipping us via our Twitter page @WPCentral

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Cradle delay for the HTC Titan?

This is pretty odd, it seems as though the cradle for the HTC Titan will be available after the device arrives to stores. Sure enough this isn't a biggie and will give users ample time to get used to the massive 4.7" screen, but it's strange to see an accessory that's required for one of the selling features of the handset (alarm clock, etc.) won't be available for a while. (as well as HTC Netherlands) is showing the HTC Titan release date as October 4th, while HTC Accessory Store (both for NL and UK) has the cradle accessory delivery estimation for 50+ days. So we have October for the handset and November for the cradle/dock? For us Brits it's not so bad as Amazon has the HTC devices (both Radar and Titan) as October 15th.

Source:, HTC Accessory Store (UK), thanks Sebastiaan for the heads up!

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Clove is offering the HTC Radar for £285 (ex. VAT) and the Titan for £498 (inc. VAT) with pre-orders for international shipping. It states that first stock is due early October, which confirms the 15th date set on Amazon. Among the feature icons found on the product page is DLNA, FF camera and more. Looking good!

On a quick funny note, it seems as though one can pick up the Radar for £0.00 including VAT. So the taxation of the product is actually reimbursing the customer the price. We know it's a mere error but still caused a few giggles.

Source: Clove, via: WPSauce

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While we published a summary of the evening, we haven't yet posted our capture of the main presentation and the unveiling of the HTC Titan and Radar. Feast your eyes on the above video. The atmosphere and music through the presentation and handset videos was superb, you could sense the excitement in the audience (even though we still believe some were expecting Android devices).

Philip Blair, vice-president of product and operations, was the bringer of much happiness and unleashed the charged crowd onto the demo tables (it reminded me of the Spanish bull run).

Huge thanks to Alex Dobie from Android Central for coming along and capturing the footage!

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HTC DLNA app in Mango

Another much requested feature is media streaming to other media platforms (via UPnP protocols) in the house. At the HTC event in London yesterday we managed to get a walkthrough by a HTC representative of the HTC Titan, showing the HTC DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) app.

Check out the video of the demonstration below, you can see the DLNA app at about 2:10 in. We must say that the rep did a good job at showing the top features in the short amount of time (the night was hectic) and both Windows Phone Mango and the HTC Titan looked incredible.

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Start those countdown clocks boys and girls, as the HTC Titan and Radar are now listed on Amazon UK's website. Fetching for the quite hefty £529.99 ($860) for the Titan and £349.99 ($568) for the Radar, the SIM free devices are set to be released on October 15th--just a few short weeks away.

Of note is the fact that Microsoft is officially calling this Windows Phone 7.5 to differentiate from first-gen devices. Guess old habits are hard to break.

Source: 1, 2; Thanks, Ross "H3ALY" H., for the tip!

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HTC Eternity passing through FCC to AT&T

The HTC Eternity (or HTC Titan X310e as we now know it) has passed FCC testing. The handset was being tested on 850 and 1900MHz bands used by AT&T, but unfortunately that's all we have to go on for now.

Reminding ourselves of the upcoming HTC Eternity/Titan, this handset may sport a 4.7 WVGA Super LCD screen, 1.5GHz single-core processor, 8MP camera with dual-LED flash, 1.3MP front-facing camera and 16GB of storage.  We also expect to see (and maybe get some hands on time with) the HTC Eternity tomorrow at the HTC Public Event in London.

Let's hope it lives up to the punch in terms of specification.

Source: PocketNow

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