Unlocked Nokia Lumia 1520.3 available from Newegg for $494

Looking to get the Lumia 1520? Then you might be interested in buying the unicorn 1520.3. This is the version of the device that has support for all LTE bands and works great with T-Mobile here in the United States. Newegg is selling the device right now for just $520. Toss in a special code and it goes down to $497.

Newegg Premier customers can grab the Lumia 1520.3 for just $519.99. Plus there's a promo code to get an extra $25 off. Essentially bringing this unique 1520 under $500! That's insane! Plus you get Qi wireless charging, which was dropped in the AT&T model.

You'll find black, white and yellow as your color options if you opt to purchase the device. Bonus: The Lumia 1520.3 just received Lumia Cyan.

Anything thinking of pulling the trigger? Dan?

Source: Newegg

Thanks for the tip Francisco!


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Unlocked Nokia Lumia 1520.3 available from Newegg for $494


Don't resist, I paid much more and it is SO worth it. I ABSOLUTELY love my 1520.3..just go for it, you won't regret I promise :D

Hey its even better!  There is a $25 off code for the next few da..... Never mind didn't read the whole article.

Now that McLaren has been cancelled I'll be watching this closely. I can't now since my account it still smarting from the Surface Pro 3.

Not if you have the pro 2. Unless you want the screen real estate you've got an excellent device. I actually have both here and honestly I'd be happy with either. Yes the pro 3 screen is superb but the device throttles so is consequently slightly slower than the pro 2 - in games and PhotoShop cc it's noticeable.

Try one out and see. But in everyday use you're actually good with what u have!

I upgraded from SP2 to SP3 and am very happy I did. Nothing against SP2 (it is a fabulous PC) but the form-factor, screen and kickstand are a big improvement.

BTW, I've not experienced the degraded performance mentioned by the other poster.

Let's just say, it replaced my laptop. :). I don't have an SP2 to compare to, but it blows the doors off my i7 Dell Latitude with NVIDIA (can't remember model number) from three years ago (was top of the line at the time).

Bought it when it first became available for a lot more money, and still very happy with that choice, highly suggested to anyone on the fence!

If it worked on Verizon I would be all over it. A guy said he has a 1520 working on Verizon but not willing to drop that kind of money without knowing for sure. I did call Nokia and they said it also has CDMA onboard but they weren't sure if it was same as Verizon.

I'm not even sure how that'd work, all my carriers use son cards, so it's easy to swap, not sure what would be involved for use in VZW.

LTE uses SIM cards.i do believe the Lumia 1520.3 supports Verizon's frequencies, the only thing I don't know is how it would handle 4g or less

99% sure it won't work on Verizon, sadly, based on the info on Nokia.com and Wikipedia. No one's doing VoLTE in North America yet, and Verizon doesn't support HSPA, so you might get data working but you won't get voice or SMS working.

You mean the one where it registers a click instead of a swipe? ... Also, did Cyan fix the issue with the brightness not being right when you unlock it?

I bought my 1520 about a week before WP8.1 started rolling out to the public officially but I DPed my 1520 as soon as I received the phone. Since then, I have encountered once the dimming thing, but it was only for about 2 seconds so it's not a big deal for me. Also I have never encounetered that 'click for swipe' thing. The only thing I could really definitively say is that I was actually shocked at its size when I first opened the box, coming from both the 625 and 925. I gave the 625 away but I still have my 925 - but it now seems so tiny whenever I use the 925 LOL!

This has LTE band for AT&T and T-Mobile in the US.

AT&T users get back 16GB of extra storage and Qi wireless (which was removed); T-Mobile users, well, they get a 1520 that works on their network.

AT&T LTE-capable and wireless charging? Oh boy, I'm about to buy the 1520.3.

But then there are rumors that there will be a Lumia high-end at the end of the year (other than the Superman).

I recently bought the 1520 and my cousin has a 1320. Comparing the two, my 1520 is heavier compared to the 1320 although I will not say that it's noticeable because no other WP comes close to the 1520 so I really don't notice the extra weight. And I don't know if the extra weight compared to the 1320 is the result of the 1520 having built-in wireless charging.

There is one additional important difference. The RM-938 (AKA the 1520.3) supports HSPA over AWS, which is important for T-Mobile customers as T-Mobile still has some markets with AWS over 3G only. That also makes it the only variant of the Lumia 1520 that works on the smaller carriers (Wind and Mobilicity) in Canada. That also makes it the best version of the phone for Canadians roaming in the U.S., as T-Mobile is the preferred roaming partner for a lot of Canadian carriers.

Too bad!! Now they wanna lower the price!! Hahahaha got mine for 430 unlocked and brand new in box 2 months ago!! Lol

I'd like to know where you bought this at for $430? My cousin is looking to buy one at a price like that.

On Amazon, the prices keep going up and down. The lowest I have seen the last week: $429.99 and $4.95 shipping. Still, be careful over there. I would only buy if it is "Fullfilled by Amazon" ...

I took one in on trade at my business for $700, rather than pay $450 for it, in a private transaction with a customer. The $700 trade in only costs me money as the customer uses it, brings in a new customer, and I'm only out my costs of good sold to service the $700. I'm thrilled! :D

Do not buy this device from NewEgg. Their return policy is deplorable and they don't honor their own RMA policy. Buy this device elsewhere because if you have any issue with it at all be prepared to deal with a $500 dollar brick. Nokia US wont accept the device because it's not for the US market and NewEgg will just tell you there is nothing wrong with your phone. Be very careful if you purchase this from NewEgg I know that I'll never give these guys another red cent.

Yes it's true I'm dealing with this right now and check the forums it has happened to a couple of other people who have tried to send in there device for repairs. You'll be fine if you don't have any issue but if there is a defect good luck.

I've been a Newegg customer for years and they are pretty much my go to shop for computer parts. Fortunately I've never had an issue with them or received any DOA parts. Shipping is usually free and no tax in Florida. However, I'm constantly reading bad reviews on their products about their RMA return policy and how people have to pay out of pocket to ship back DOA products.

Yes it's true. I bought a unlocked Rogers 920 to use on T-Mobile. It started having problems and Nokia wouldn't cover it. Since I lived in the US and it was a Canadian phone.

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I don't know I'm still working with NewEgg to get a replacement device instead of the same broken phone. Either way I know I'll never deal with that company again. I never had problems with them before this but this one occasion is enough to sour me from the company forever.

Verizon is the worst carrier. They make WP users pay for basic visual voicemail but they give it to Android and iPhone users free. Also, the icon on Verizon comes with Verizon backup app which can't be removed.

For data, theoretically yes. For voice and SMS, absolutely not unfortunately. Sprint and Verizon are about 5 years behind the rest of the world when it comes to 3G. And all voice and SMS is still done over 3G in North America.

Cool, thx.  I just ordered a white/yellow 32GB from B&H.  Unfortunately, they've run out of the 8GB MicroSD freebie, but no biggie.

My understanding is that the RM-938 (AKA the 1520.3) is only available in 32GB anyway! It's the AT&T variant (RM-940) that is available in both 16 and 32GB.

Canada and the US, prices advertised do not include sales tax. Also sales tax differs state to state/ province to province. For example here in BC, GST is 5% and PST is 7% so the total tax is 12%. Some provinces are more some are less

I saw this a couple of days ago. I resisted until today when I stopped by the Microsoft store and saw it again in person and talked to the very knowledgeable employee. I looked at the unlocked 1020 they had and then I looked at the 1520. I left the store and placed the order for my new 1520 before even leaving the mall.

Waiting for a 7", in the mould of Huawei Mediapad X1 running wp os. Long am I going to wait? Let the waiting begin.

II I have that model with cyan on it. Bought it in May. My ffc is broken and touch bug is better with cyan but still there. May be I should seek mine and buy a new one?!

Does this really work on AT&T? The new egg website says: "AT&T 2G/3G" under Compatible Carrier & Services section of the specs.

It will work under AT&T no problem. It's pentaband HSPA *and* pentaband LTE. :D It supports every frequency in use in North America over 2G, 3G, and LTE. It even supports LTE over the BRS frequency, an oddball band (2600MHz) that is used in Canada, but not yet in the U.S. This is the ultimate Windows Phone for T-Mobile, AT&T, and any Canadian carrier.

Tempting, but I already got burned, getting the surface pro 2 just before the SP3 was announced. I'll wait for a worthy 1020 successor... With a Micro SD slot. Hopefully there will be one.

Bought earlier today. I have been looking at used 1520 AT&T models for weeks to replace my broken 1020. Those average $350. I think the extra 16GB, Qi charging, and, of course, being brand new is worth the extra $150.

Just wanted to add that if you are planning on having this expedited to you, allow for up to 48 hours of order "processing". I ordered very early AM on 7/30 and my 1520.3 has not yet left the "packaging" stage. I paid for expedited shipping, but looks like it will not be arriving until next week.

Can someone who owns a 1520 tell me, is it feasible to go for runs with your 1520 or is it too bulky?? I do a lot of running so I was just curious

It's very thin and light. Best to put in a pocket though, depending on how much you sweat. I am paranoid it will slip out of my hand.

What's up with the StarTrek stardate style numbering scheme?  Here I'm thinking the numbering thing is going away and its got a decimals now.

1520.3 is a nickname (though it's actually kind of cool to think of it that way!). It's proper name is the RM-938. A better name than either is to refer to it as the Latin American version of the 1520.

Ok I'll bite because my father has been bugging the heck out of me for my 920 since he has a 900.  One black 1520 on order with 12 months no interest to boot.  Free money!


(1) You don't have to be a premier customer to get the price. I am not and it accepted the coupon.

(2) The purchase requires an acknowledgement that the phone may have been unboxed for unlocking and may be scratched in the process.

(3) The return policy says the phone must be in the sealed manufacturers box (see #2)

(4) Newegg only warantees the phone for 30 days. Check but if you are in the US, I don't believe Nokia USA waranties them at all.

1520.1 is rm937 global version, 1520.2 is att rm940, 1520.3 is rm938. You can google Lumia RM-938 to find additional info.

I got mine for $499 from B&H. It was pre-owned but in excellent condition.

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Im seeing cheaper prices on Amazon. If you have any Bing Rewards points cash em in for $5 Amazon gift cards and bring the price down even more

I see the RM-937 (AT&T 16GB version) on Amazon. I do not see any RM-938/1520.3 Latin American versions. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Dumb question(s) but, I'm in the US on ATT and currently using my beloved 920. If I were to get this unlocked phone, how do I get it active on ATT? Is it just a matter of swapping the SIM? Would I get updates just as if I had gotten it from ATT? Really been wanting this phone but was holding out for QI charging.

1. Yes, you just swap the sim card. Although this uses a nano su you will need a new one or to cut the one from the 920 (they sell tools for this).


2. No, you won't get updates from AT&T. You would get updates whenever the Latin America CV update is released (cyan was released already for this phone).

1520 is a great phone depend on how are we going to use it, keep improve for everything from MS and Nokia pls till there is almost perfect for every single end user. Some of end users kept their promise to go through every tough stages that MS n Nokia face, but don't let end users disappointed eventually.

Just placed my order from B&H for the 1520.3 since I didn't want to gamble getting the Yellow flavor with 16GB. The price was the same as well w/out coupon, but comes with 8GB MicroSD. Their warranty is the same as well. The 1520.3 should satisfy my tech buds until next year Q3/4 when a flagship device is released.

it is a great deal but Nokia Lumia 1525 is coming this fall on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon with updated and improved specs. I'll just wait for that.

Just got an email from NewEgg saying it was out of stock and they were refunding the money.  Going to try B&H

Hi, Does this device support 4G LTE on AT&T Network ? When i tried one of the device which was RM938 from Hongkong, i can only see the device working with HSPA+ on AT&T Network.,....

Appreciate if you can confirm 4G LTE support for AT&T


I am happy to announce that the claims here are 100% true. My 1520.3 device showed up at my house in Chicagoland (T-Mobile LTE Country). After getting a nano SIM, changing the language to English and a series of updates, I'm proud to say not only am I running Windows 8.1 with Cyan, but through the Preview Developer I'm running Windows 8.1 GR1. Now I can stop complaining to T-Mobile when are they going to get a phablet in their line up.