This $260 Google Wifi 3-pack can cover up to 4,500 sq. ft with ease

Mesh Wi-Fi systems are all the rage these days, and Google Wifi is one of the leaders in the pack. You can buy single units or a 3-pack (opens in new tab), and if you are looking to cover a large space the 3-pack is the way to go. Today's deal saves you $40 on the system and puts it down near its lowest price to date.

Setting them up is super simple regardless of whether you are on an iPhone or Android device, and once you get them working there's very little to worry about. The app will provide details about what's connected to the network, allow you to prioritize internet on certain devices and pause it on others, and much more. This 3-pack should blanket up to 4,500 sq. ft with a solid Wi-Fi connection.

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  • Love the Google Onhub. So easy to manage with great range and speed. Have had it for a while now and it has been flawless. These newer models are probably even better.
  • 4500 sq. Ft?
  • Rather large house
  • Got my 3-pack 2 weeks ago. Highly recommended.
  • Is there a detailed spec sheet for these devices as I'm curious how the coverage of such an area was achieved - is that the total distance measured with the device in the centre of a sphere or the devices have to be placed in a triangular fashion. Plus was the distance measured as line of sight or with walls, floors and ceilings in between along with material density. I ask as I've had a quick search and not much detail can be found in regards to the theoretical coverage. Unfortunately from experience routers have issues when it comes to floor (especially carpet or thick wooden flooring with thick underlay) and brick walls. I have yet to find a simple system that will cover adequately, as to get total coverage the system becomes very, very complex.
  • The Onhub (previous Google router) covers all our property and >2000 sq ft home easily. It is fast anywhere on the property (200MB/S). I can still access the network a few houses down too. It is so simple to manage through the Google WiFi app. I haven't had to use one of these as a range extender, but I am sure it is no harder than plugging it in and then a couple taps in the app. Unless your home and property is huge, I am sure you would have no issue getting these setup so they bounce the signal around bricks or whatever gets in the way. All the big box stores have them too, so if they don't work for your needs, returning them would be simple.
  • 200Mbps for Wi-Fi isn't fast. Last check Google's solution had a 50% penalty per node hop too.
  • I read the reviews, and seems to work really well. Ordered just now and will receive tomorrow (missed same day delivery by six minutes - drat)