This $6 Aukey wall charger lets you charge 3 devices at once

Let's just get this out of the way: you can never have too many chargers for your gadgets. If you're looking to add another USB wall charger to your collection, now you can grab this solid 3-port charger from Aukey for just $6 (opens in new tab). All you have to do is use coupon code HN8L8AYI at checkout to score this savings.

Along with giving you one place to juice up three devices at once, this charger also packs a Quick Charge 2.0 port for your gadgets that support it. And if style is your concern, you can choose from either black or white versions. At $6, it's hard to resist splurging a bit of leftover Black Friday cash on this deal. Just remember to use coupon code HN8L8AYI to snag this discount!

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Really wish these makers would create a more vertical chargers, having the ports point outwards makes it hard to plug in behind furniture without smashing the cables.
  • Agreed. I just two weeks ago installed outlets with two USB ports built in to avoid this smashing you speak of. Also, check out Snap Power's outlet cover. Theirs comes out the side and super easy to install.
  • I have one of their portable chargers as well. It's great!
  • Why do they only give you one quick charge port? I see this on a lot of chargers. Make them all quick charge.
  • Not enough output power to quick charge more than one device at a time.
  • you're plugging this thing to your wall, that's 120v 15amps, you can surely have 5x 3amp plugs
  • Not all house wiring is rated for 15 amp, but your point is well taken. They could easily provide at least do 2 or 3 quick charge ports, and with most house wiring possibly 5 ports. But keep in mind any other devices on the same circuit would add to the load and possibly trip a breaker.
  • If it's in the US and to code then all outlets should be 15amp except for outlets designated for 20 amp service (washer, some kitchen outlets, etc.) Standard house wiring is 14 gauge which is rated for 15 amp and heavier circuits use 12 gauge which is rated at 20 amp loads.
  • Should is the operative word here. Not all houses are to code.
  • I was a licensed contractor for years and sadly I have to admit that this is unfortunately true, I know that where I live during the 70's and 80's all the "qualifications" many contractors had was they placed a magnetic sign on the side of their truck. Boom, instant house-builder. Scary.
  • I was told by someone I know that works for a company that makes charges like these "we pay patent owner for every quick charge port we add, so to keep price low the most we do is two."
  • Can I use it to charge my L730 faster than the charger that came with it? ( i use win 8.1 )