When it comes to network-attached storage (NAS), you want to use hard drives specifically designed for continuous operation. You could install a few old desktop PC drives you had lying around, but you may run into reliability issues down the line. This is where NAS drives from brands like Western Digital and Seagate come into play.

Not only are NAS enclosures on sale for Black Friday but also drives to populate them. The initial high cost for setting up a NAS is largely attributed to drives, especially if you're filling up a NAS with more than two bays. If you have lots of data to store, there's a killer deal in the UK right now on a 6GB Western Digital Red NAS HDD.

Western Digital Red HDD

Western Digital Red 6TB HDD | £76 off

Western Digital's Red series is the company's more affordable range of NAS drives with a workload rating of 180TB/year and a maximum capacity of up to 8TB per drive. They're perfect for setting up a home file storage or Plex media server.

Even if you go for a NAS with more than two bays, we always recommend installing at least two drives to activate RAID and protect your data from a potential drive failure. Because of how RAID and redundancy work with NAS servers, you'll be sacrificing a little on capacity, which is why this 6TB deal is so enticing.

Having four of these installed inside a four-bay NAS would provide 18TB of usable space for all your data. That's an impressive amount and can hold countless movies, shows, music tracks, photos, and more. This Red series is only built for eight-bay NAS, so if you want to install more than that inside a single unit, you'll need to look at the Red Pro range.

We're rounding up more NAS promotions in the best Black Friday NAS deals collection, which is updated regularly. We're adding everything from budget-friendly units with one or two bays up to NAS enclosures that command a hefty price tag.

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