The excellent Astro A40 TR wired Xbox / PC headset grabs 33% off for Prime Day

Astro A40
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Amazon Prime Day is upon us once again, offering deep discounts on the best Xbox accessories and headphones. Throughout the week, we'll be spotlighting the best deals to help you find upgrades to your gaming space across the board, and here's one deal that I think many will find interesting. 

For Amazon Prime Day, Astro is slashing a massive third off the asking price for its Astro A40 TR headset, giving you a saving of $50 dollars

Astro A40 TR | $150 $99 at Amazon

Astro A40 TR | $150 $99 at Amazon

The Astro A40 TR is a great mid-range 3.5mm wireless headset that looks sleek and stylish, with big comfort and equally big sound. Swappable speaker plates add an air of customization, with modular earcups that can be upgraded with leatherette options if you so fancy. Overall, this is a great headset for those looking to boost their Xbox or PC audio. 

The Astro A40 is essentially the wired counterpart to Astro's flagship Astro A50, ditching wirelessness to shave off a couple of hundred dollars from the asking price. 40mm speakers tuned for gaming deliver a potent soundscape, that errs on the tactical end to help you pinpoint enemy movements and attacks. 

The headset comes with both a split cable for old school PC motherboards and a regular 3.5mm for modern systems and platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. The cable is a fairly generous length too, with a high-quality design, and in-line controls for volume and mic muting. The mic is also detachable, and can be swapped to either side of the headset based on your preferences. 

I would generally have considered this headset to be too pricey to recommend at $150, but thanks to the 33% price cut for Amazon Prime Day 2022, this is actually a really solid wired option for gamers on both Xbox and PC. 

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