Turtle Beach's new Stealth Pro gaming headset can cancel up to 25dB of background noise

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro
(Image credit: Turtle Beach)

What you need to know

  • The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro gaming headset is now available for preorder.
  • The headset features 25dB noise cancelation, dual built-in microphones, and a removable TruSpeak boom mic that can reduce background noise.
  • The Stealth Pro costs $330 and will start shipping on April 23, 2023.

Turtle Beach just unveiled its Stealth Pro gaming headset. The accessory has 50mm Nanoclear drivers, 25dB noise reduction, and an array of microphones. The Stealth Pro has both dual built-in mics and a removable TruSpeak boom mic that reduces background noise.

The Stealth Pro is available for preorder starting today. There are versions designed for Xbox and PlayStation. Both versions of the headset cost $330 and will start shipping on April 23, 2023.

Turtle Beach appears confident that the Stealth Pro will compete with the best gaming headsets. Advertisements and press material for the Stealth Pro refer to the accessory as "the new king of wireless."

The cushions of the Stealth Pro are made with memory foam and a premium leatherette material. The headset uses Turtle Beach's ProSpecs technology, which improves comfort when wearing glasses. The headband of the Stealth Pro is reinforced with steel for durability.

A swappable dual battery system will help keep the headset charged. The Stealth Pro comes with two swappable battery packs, each of which can get over 12 hours of battery life. If you manage to drain both of them or only have one on hand, Turtle Beach states that you can get three additional hours of use after a 15-minute charge.

The batteries can be charged on a wireless transmitter station that also has a USB-A port for charging other devices. The headset can also be charged through a USB-C cable.

The Stealth Pro supports dual connectivity. It works with Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as Mac, Nintendo Switch, and other devices through Bluetooth 5.1.

It's possible to customize actions for the wheel and mode button on the headset through the Turtle Beach Audio app. 

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro | $330 at Turtle Beach

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This high-end gaming headset supports dual connectivity and works with a wide range of devices. There are versions built for Xbox consoles or PlayStation devices. All versions of the headset feature built-in microphones as well as a detachable boom mic with noise cancelation.

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