Add speedy storage on a budget with the Teamgroup 1TB SSD down to just $75

Teamgroup Gx2 Ssd
Teamgroup Gx2 Ssd (Image credit: Amazon)

The Teamgroup GX2 1TB SATA internal solid state drive has dropped to $74.99 on Amazon. This is an all-new low price on this SSD, too. It has usually sold for around $90 with jumps up to $115 or more. The only other time it has gone on sale even close to this was a drop to $80 during last year's Black Friday sales. The 512GB drive is $45, so you're getting about twice the space for much, much less than twice the cost.

You might not have ever heard of Teamgroup and so maybe you're wondering about this SSD. Compare this price, 1TB for $75, to other 1TB internal solid state drives. The Corsair MX500 and the Samsung 870 QVO are two of the most popular choices right now, and those drives go for $103 and $120 respectively. The value here is undeniable.

Teamgroup GX2 1TB SATA internal solid state drive

Teamgroup GX2 1TB SATA internal solid state drive

With read/write speeds up to 530 and 480 MB/s, you're getting a lot of speed and a lot of storage at a reasonable price. Uses new power saving technology so you can extend the battery life of your laptop or get low power consumption on your PC.

The GX2 is much faster than a traditional hard drive. It's actually up to four times faster. You'll get faster load times for your software and faster boot up and shut down times. The read/write speeds go up to 530 and 480 MB/s respectively. It uses a SATA III interface that's capable of transfer speeds up to 6 Gb/s. Like any SSD, there are no moving parts here either so you get a very quiet performance.

The technology called DevSleep is specifically designed to help this SSD save power. Whether you're planning to use the drive to upgrade a laptop or as storage on your PC, you will not overburden your device. It's designed to turn off the power of the SATA interface whenever your laptop goes into standby mode. This extends the battery life of a laptop and saves battery power over time. It also means low power consumption overall.

There are a bunch of functions you probably won't understand much about like garbage collection, wear-leveling technology, and error correction code. All of these are designed to help the SSD operate super efficiency. You also get the ability to monitor the status of your drive and keep it performing at its best.

Teamgroup provides a three-year warranty.

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