Microsoft's new Surface Pro Signature Type Cover comes in three new colors

Type Covers
Type Covers (Image credit: Windows Central)

Of course, as we all know, the Surface Pro line has detachable, optional Type Covers, designed to compliment the tablet portion of Microsoft's flagship 2-in-1 hybrid device.

The new Surface Pro Signature Type Covers come with that same Alcantara used on previous Signature Type Covers, and more recently, Microsoft's shiny Surface Laptop. The Alcantara materials are pleasing to the touch, and they certainly give the Surface lineup a unique look that few other devices can boast.

The new Surface Pro Signature Type Covers haven't undergone any radical changes from the previous Type Cover models that debuted with the Surface Pro 4. But the Alcantara colors match the new Surface Pen Microsoft also unveiled. (It's also available in the traditional gray.)

Surface Pro Type Cover tech specs

  • Weight: 310g.
  • Compatibility: Surface Pro devices.
  • Dimensions: 295 mm (L) x 217 mm (W) x 5 mm (H).
  • Material: Alcantara.
  • Colors: New platinum, burgundy and cobalt blue colors.
  • Trackpad: Large glass trackpad, five-finger multi-touch gesture support.
  • Keys: Activation, moving (mechanical) keys with 1.3mm key travel.
  • Layout: QWERTY, full row of function keys (F1 to F12), four directional keys, Windows, brightness and media controls keys, LED backlighting.
  • Interface: Magnetic.
  • Sensors: Accelerometer.
  • Warranty: One-year limited hardware warranty.

Microsoft was keen to stress that the Surface Pro Type Cover offers more accurate typing and mouse pointing than the trackpad found on the MacBook and keyboard found on the iPad Pro keyboard cover, but we'll have to put those claims to the test at a later date.

The new Surface Pro Type Cover is compatible with all existing Surface Pro devices, but the size makes it best suited to the Surface 3 and up.

Jez Corden
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  • They really look nice, how do they compare to the last surface pro keyboard?
  • As stated in article, & from what I watched at the presentation, I don't think there's been any changes, other than the Alcantara material (before that it was only avail. via the signature edition TC), but some major changes in the main machine.
  • What's different in the material? The only difference stated here is the fact that it is a different color...material is the same.
  • material is the same.
    SP4 TC's didn't use alcantara, only the sig. edition SP4 TC did, that's all that's "different", AFAIK. 
  • Looking at the pictures and comparing it to the SP4 keyboard in front of me, it looks like they've removed the INS key to the left of DEL in the top-right corner. So one fewer key, but everything else looks exactly the same (US-en)
  • I think there's the same number of keys; it's just that they changed some of the top-row keys' functions and the Insert key ended up being replaced with something else in a different position.
  • Better material but no fingerprint reader. Btw, does the Surface Pro (all models) have Windows Hello? 
  • All sp4 and the new SP have windows hello.
  • The claim to MacBook keyboard and trackpad, I'll leave that to you guys but for the iPad Pro, that keyboard is useless. I have used it and my Surface 3 type cover is miles better. Mind you that there is no 'function row' in the iPad pro keyboard. Well, that means you don't have Esc button. I will have to unlearn my habit of using Esc key and that's not nice.
  • "designed to compliment the tablet portion" --> Should be "complement". Anyway, I guess I still don't really understand how these 'new' Type Covers differ from the previous signature Type Cover.
  • Alcantara?
  • Looks much better than those NFL covers. The blue is very nice.
  • Anyone notice the "Surface Pro Type Cover" on the Microsoft Store? It just says "Coming soon" under it. What do you think the difference between the pro signature and just pro will be? Is it worth considering moving to that instead of buying pro 4 cover right now? Any details on what makes it different?
  • I actually really like that blue one. Also, I'm skeptical of the trackpad claim. I mean, I love the touchpad on my SP4 Type Cover, but honestly the Macbook range really is in a league of it's own. Maybe that's the big difference in this new cover though over the SP4 variant though.