Amazon promotional page highlights Always-Connected PCs, preorders, more

If you're looking to pick up an Always-Connected Windows 10 PC, Amazon is now going all-in with a dedicated section. The online retailer is now advertising the new batch of PCs with a banner across its homepage, which leads to a promotional page (opens in new tab) with links to the currently and soon to be available models (via OnMSFT).

The page briefly highlights all of the advantages of Always-Connected PCs, including their persistent LTE connection and excellent battery life. There are also quick buy and preorder links to the three models currently on the market, including the HP Envy x2, ASUS NovaGo, and Lenovo Miix 630.

Amazon is also highlighting a Sprint promotion that includes free unlimited data with "select devices."

The current slate of Windows 10 on ARM PCs runs on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 platform, giving them a persistent data connection, instant-on capabilities, and battery life that can hit north of 20 hours. However, this is a long-term effort between Qualcomm, Microsoft, and hardware partners, so we're expecting to see even bigger leaps in performance as more models are introduced. That's particularly true if we eventually see PCs leveraging Qualcomm chips based on ARM's latest CPU design, which the company claims can hit laptop-grade performance.

In any case, if you're looking to pick up an Always-Connected PC now, Amazon has all models from HP, ASUS, and Lenovo available for purchase and preorder now.

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  • The ASUS NovaGo is just at my budget threshold I want to spend for this. Definitely the one I been wanting to get with the 13 inch screen. I been holding out on a connected device. I love my Surface 3 LTE and don't want to give in to a tablet that not LTE connected. These are right on time for an update. Does anyone now if the NovaGo is unlocked? I know it's being sold with Sprint sim card so I'm hoping this is not a locked down product.
  • They're all unlocked. If you can wait a week or two I'll review it here and confirm, but I never heard any of these being locked.
  • Thanks Daniel. I was thinking they weren't but the Sprint sim for the NovaGo threw me off. Really excited about getting a new LTE device. I look forward to your reviews as always.
  • Hi Dan, in your HP Envy X2 review (desktop programs) you might want to take a look at the 7-zip benchmark. It loads all cores and tests compression and decompression performance. As far i did test this on few devices, and the HP Envy X2 comes out at top performance when comparing up to 15TDP Intel i5 cores. (make sure you chose 8 threads or more). This essentially demonstrates that the overall CPU performance even exceeds those of Intel Core CPUs at much lower power if you load it with sufficient threads. Find below link to x64 and ARM64 version of 7-zip (latest version) compiled by myself (both identical source code and identical compile options)
  • Daniel that has the eSim correct?
  • Sweet. Didn’t know the Lenovo Miix 630 was that close to release. Nice to see it listed as ships 6/22. Not as pretty as the HP envy x2 but $100 cheaper is a plus.
  • Never heard about the Miix 630 before tbh
  • Daniel Rubino.
    This is my question about the Surface3 with LTE. I purchased my S3LTE through ATT, and it is an always connected W10PC.... What enables this? Is this specific Atom processor equipped with LTE radio on the chip, or is the LTE portion a separate chip on the board??? I've always wondered this.
    Do you know how this works?
  • Surface 3 has a separate LTE modem - its on a separate die. In addition with LTE there is the radio frontend - yet another die. As far as i remember the modem chip is the XMM7260 from Intel and the RF chip is the Smarti3 from Intel.
  • That Amazon page is now showing me:
    HP at $629.99
    Asus at $699
    Lenovo at $840.72