Amazon's Prime Card nets you up to 20% cashback on smart TVs and more

Having a Prime membership means you're already off on the right foot when it comes to scoring the best discounts at Amazon. However, with an Amazon Prime card such as the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card or the Amazon Prime Store Card, you can score 5% cashback on all your orders at This week, cardholders are being treated to a special offer as Amazon is raising the amount of cashback you'll receive from 5% up to 20% on select smart TVs, sporting gear, and more. Considering some of these items are already discounted at Amazon and lower than you'd find them in price elsewhere, that's a pretty stellar deal.

If you're not an Amazon Prime cardholder already, you can sign up today at Amazon for either the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card or the Amazon Prime Store Card and receive an instant approval decision. There are no annual fees, though a credit check is required for approval. The Store Card only works on Amazon whereas the Visa version works anywhere credit cards are accepted. The everyday 5% cashback offer only applies to purchases made at Amazon with the Prime Store Card, though you'd also receive up to 2% back from select stores with the Prime Rewards Visa Card and receive 5% back from purchases made at either Amazon or Whole Foods.


Amazon Prime Card Bonus Savings on TVs, sporting gear, and more

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card and Prime Store Card have no annual fees and offer 5% cashback on all your orders on Amazon. Today, cardholders can even score up to 20% back on select Samsung and Sony smart TVs, sporting gear, and more.

Once you've been approved, you can begin saving 5% on all your Amazon purchases and up to 20% on these select items for a limited time. For instance, the Samsung 65-inch Smart TVs included both offer 15% cashback. That'd score you over $200 back on the Q70 model or $180 back on the Q60 model. Meanwhile, Sony Smart TV models both offer 10% cashback, up to $280 for the priciest OLED model on sale.

A bevy of camping and outdoor essentials offer up to 20% back today as well, including picks like the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter and Magpul Explorer Sunglasses. Be sure to check out the full selection before these offers come to an end and sign up for your Prime card now if you haven't already.

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