Answer the door from your couch with this Ring Video Doorbell down to just $45

Ring Wired Video Doorbell
Ring Wired Video Doorbell (Image credit: Amazon)

Knock knock! Who's there? Savings! Best Buy's deal of the day features this wired Ring Video Doorbell for a low price of $44.99. Amazon has even price matched it. This is a $15 drop and only the second time we've seen it lower from its regular $60 price.

You can also get a version that includes a wireless chime with customizable ringtones on sale for $74.99 from Best Buy and Amazon. This is a great deal no matter which way you go, but remember as a Deal of the Day the price won't last forever.

The Ring Video Doorbell can show you who's at the door in 1080p resolution. That means capturing every detail, including the face of the neighbor kid who just ding-dong-ditched you. The camera also comes with night vision, which helps you see more clearly when it gets dark. The advanced motion detection can send real-time alerts to your phone whenever someone comes by. Plus, the doorbell is smart enough to filter out movement like a car driving past or a busy street with pedestrians walking by. Only get alerted when it really matters.

You'll also have two-way audio so you can hear everything going on, and you can communicate with whomever is at the door from anywhere.

The video doorbell's compatibility with your smartphone means you can control it from anywhere. Get your live feed anywhere. Talk to people from anywhere. Did your sister stop by but you're at the grocery store? Let her know you'll be a few more minutes.

This is a wired doorbell so it uses your existing wiring to easily attach to your front door. While it might be a bit more complicated to install, that means you won't have to worry about recharging a battery or anything like that since it will draw power straight from that wiring.

Use the Ring app on your iOS or Android smartphone. Connect the video doorbell to Amazon Alexa for voice control. Use the Ring Chime (if you choose that bundle) to get audio notifications throughout your home.

John Levite
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