Aukey's Over-ear Gaming Headset for PC and Mac is on sale for just $18.84 at Amazon when you enter promo code 484E3T7Z during checkout. That'll save you $10 off its regular price there; you'll also be snagging it at its lowest price ever.

Surround sound on your ears

AUKEY PC Gaming Headset

If you want to improve your overall gaming experience, this headset is a truly affordable way to do just that. It offers 7.1 surround sound on your ears, and it's priced at under $20!

$18.84 $29 $10 Off

With coupon: 484E3T7Z

This LED-backlit headset is equipped with a USB connection that's easy to plug into a computer for PC gaming. It's packed with 50mm drivers and features a noise-cancelling microphone that's flexible and extendable. Its headband is adjustable too, while its large, memory foam earpads help to block out noise around you while you're playing. There's a Bass Boost button that helps add some extra oomph to your game audio, as well as virtual 7.1 surround sound, and you can even download the free GH-S4 Scepter Sound Software to customize the sound signature further. Aukey includes a two-year warranty with its purchase.

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