Azedeem: End of Era scores as this week's myAppFree Deal

Azedeem: End of Era is a fantasy trading card game for Windows 10 Mobile that is reminiscent of the classic cards games such as World of Warcraft. The game has you building a team of adventurers from your cards and explore a mysterious land and destroy any evil forces that may be lurking about.

Azedeem: End of Era is the myAppFree Deal of the Week — the game is free to start with, so instead you get $4 worth of in-app purchases for free!

We liked Azedeem: End of Era when we reviewed it in May, and the myAppFree Deal only adds to its appeal — at least for the next 24 hours. Azedeem is available for Windows 10 Mobile, as well as Windows Phone 8.1 and low-memory devices.

Azedeem: End of Era

So here is how the myAppFree Deal breaks down. Azedeem: End of Era is already a free title in the Windows Store. The myAppFree Deal offers free bonus coins as you launch your first single-player game and your first multi-player game. Gamers get 60,000 bonus gold coins ($1.99 value) when a new single player game is launch, and another 60,000 bonus gold coins (again, $1.99 value) when a multi-player game is launched.

The gold coins allow you to make unlock new gaming cards in Azedeem's store. It is a healthy boost that helps build up your team.

The game itself calls on you to build up a traveling band of adventurers who explore the lands for treasure to loot and monsters to slay. You begin the game by choosing your primary character's race (Elf, Human, Orc or Ogre) and skill set (Warrior, Mage or Healer). There are some generic, lower-level characters available to use at the beginning of the game to help build your party with.

Once the party is created, you travel the world map to take on various challenges and face off against a host of enemies. Combat is somewhat automated and allows you to choose your character's attack and target. As you complete missions, cards build up experience that can in turn be used to upgrade skills and abilities.

Azedeem: End of Era

While Azedeem's animations are minimal, the graphics are full of detail and have that dark, fantasy feel. Gameplay requires a bit of planning not only with combat but also with the management of your card deck. Overall, the free gaming title is an entertaining game to burn some time with and the myAppFree deal only adds to the appeal. Just remember the myAppFree Deal only lasts twenty-four hours.

Azedeem: End of Era is available for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1, which includes low-memory devices.

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