Baseball Riot and Doodle God headline this week's Red Stripe Deals

Every week, Microsoft delivers savings of at least 50% off six Windows 10 apps and games through the Red Stripe Deals promotion. It is an excellent opportunity to save a bit on some fantastic titles from the Windows 10 Store.

The Red Stripe Deals run from Thursday to Thursday every week and are an excellent mixture of games and apps that are often available for both your Windows PC and mobile device. However, please note that these deals are only available for Windows 10 devices and will expire in seven days. Unless otherwise noted, the deals do not extend to Windows/Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

Baseball Riot

Baseball Riot

Baseball Riot is an entertaining gaming title from 10Tons and is a blast to play. Available for Windows Phone, Windows PC and Xbox One, the game puts you in the shoes of baseball legend Gabe Carpaccio, who is seeking vengeance against the energy drink manufacturer Explodz and the baseball community for ruining his career.

Armed with only his baseball bat and a collection of balls, Carpaccio must conquer over 100 levels of gameplay by knocking out his enemies, who will not go easy. He must knock out fans, umpires, fellow baseball players, research scientists and sales representatives. Some characters have natural defenses, such as the umpire with his mask and chest protector, that require either multiple or strategic strikes to knock out (umpires need to be hit from behind).

Each level will have a series of obstacles or barricades Carpaccio needs to bounce his baseball around or through. He will need to choose his shots carefully because each level will have a limit on the number of balls he has to hit. You will have the ability to earn bonus balls, and some levels have explosive barrels that can extend the damage you can inflict.

The Red Stripe Deal only applies to the Windows 10 PC and Mobile versions of the game. The deal knocks the regular price of $2.99 for Baseball Riot down to $1.49.

Download Baseball Riot for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

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Grim Legends: The Foresaken Bride

Grim Legends: Forsaken Bride

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride is a Windows 10 gaming title from the puzzle masters Artifex Mundi. The hidden picture game puts you in the middle of an enchanted world where you must solve the mystery of a bottomless pit known as the Abyss.

As with all of Artifex Mundi's puzzle games, Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride is a nice mixture of hidden picture puzzles and mini-games. Graphics are details and help shape the mysterious mood of the game's backstory.

Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride is available for Windows 10 PC and is normally priced at $6.99. The Red Stripe Deal lowers this price to $3.49.

Download Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride for Windows 10 PC

Doodle God

Doodle God

Doodle God is a puzzle game where you mix and match different combinations of fire, earth, wind and air to create a universe of your own. You work your way up from micro-organisms to create animals, tools, storms and more. However, with the power of creation comes risks and you may find yourself creating a Zombie plague instead of a furry kitten.

The game has support for twelve languages and not only can you create living organisms but you also have the ability to create tool machines and buildings such as locomotives and skyscrapers. There are over 300 items waiting to be unleashed with your creative imagination and plenty of mini-games to keep you busy.

The Red Stripe Deal only applies to the Windows 10 PC version of Doodle God and lowers the price from $1.99 to $0.99.

Download Doodle God for Windows 10 PC

LCARS Interface

LCARS Interface

LCARS Interface is an interesting Windows 10 PC app that transforms your desktop into a Star Trek-styled computer. And the transformation goes beyond window dressing with sever working modules that includes a Tactical Station, Warp Core Control Station, Conn Navigation Station and more.

You can even scan an area of the planet to pull up the current atmospheric conditions as well as a full five-day forecast of future conditions.

LCARS Interface comes across as a great app for the Star Trek fan or for any Sci-Fi aficionado. The Windows 10 PC app is regularly priced at $2.99 and the Red Stripe Deal lowers the price to $1.49.

Download LCARS Interface for Windows 10 PC



Chimpact is a wonderfully-animated platform game that is available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile. However, this week's Red Stripe Deal only extends to the Windows 10 PC version of the game.

You play the role of Chimpact, a small monkey who has to navigate his way through the jungle collecting gems, medallions and bananas along the way. The Windows 10 gaming title has two gaming modes, four worlds to explore and 48 levels of gameplay in the Quest mode. On top of all that, there are 240 medallions to earn.

Chimpact is regularly priced at $4.99 with the Red Stripe Deal cutting the price down to $2.49. Again, the deal only extends to the Windows 10 PC version of the game.

Download Chimpact for Windows 10 PC

IQ Mission 2

IQ Mission 2

IQ Mission 2 is a puzzle game that send you on a series of global puzzle solving missions to discover a top-secret antidote. As you complete each of the puzzle series, you will discover a vital component of that antidote.

You travel to Barcelona, Tokyo and the Mayan City of Tikal to tackle three different logic-styled puzzles. Each location has 32 puzzles to solve and one ultimate, final mission to tackle that allows you to create the antidote you have been searching for.

IQ Mission 2 has stunning graphics, challenging gameplay and is available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile. Regularly priced at $0.99, you can pick up IQ Mission 2 free through this week's Red Stripe Deals promotion.

Download IQ Mission 2 for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

QR: IQ Mission 2

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