IQ Mission 2, a Globe trotting puzzle game for Windows 10 and Windows Phone

Puzzle games can be a real head scratcher and IQ Mission 2 definitely qualifies as such. Available from both the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Stores, IQ Mission 2 is the sequel to the popular original installment, IQ Mission.

The premise of the game has you working to solve a mystery while visiting three global locations. You'll tackle three puzzle games, each with 32 levels of play to uncover clues needed to solve the mystery. The graphics and illustrations with IQ Mission 2 are solid and game play is challenging. The logic puzzles rely more on strategy and planning than speed.

Available for low-memory Windows Phones along with the Windows 10 devices. We took the Windows Phone version out for a test drive and found IQ Mission 2 to be a fantastic sequel to the original. The only downside possibly being that there aren't enough global cities to visit.

The layout with IQ Mission 2 is the same as you will find with the first installment of the gaming series. You have a series of Polaroid pictures hanging from a string that represents each city to visit, along with an image to buy the original IQ Mission game. You also have button controls in the bottom corners of the main menu to access the game's settings and to view your mission objectives.

IQ Mission 2

Settings cover the basics (sound and music levels) and the option to view your achievements. The mission objectives ties into the backstory for the game where you are on a secret mission to find clues that will lead you to an antidote to a dangerous virus. When you solve all the puzzles in each city, you will be one step closer to solving the mystery and discovering the cure.

IQ Mission Tikal

The three cities and puzzles included in IQ Mission 2 are:

  • Barcelona: Here you will find a mosaic puzzle to solve. You are provided a base shape and have to fill it with an assortment of colored blocks. While that sounds simple, no two blocks of the same color can make contact with one another. Movement of the blocks will also present a challenge in that you have to move the blocks around one another, without the ability to move them over one another.
  • Tokyo: In Tokyo you have a checkerboard style puzzle where you have to move gaming pieces into designated areas. However, in moving a puzzle piece, they must jump over another puzzle piece. White gaming pieces can only jump over one gaming piece while black pieces can jump over more than one piece.
  • Tikal: In this Mayan City, you will find another checkerboard styled puzzle where you have to move a coin between rotating squares and place it into a vault. Each square has a connecting path that will dictate your coin's movement and as you move about the gaming board, the paths will rotate, changing the connections.

IQ Mission Tokyo

The first level of each puzzle style will begin with written instructions and guided moves to illustrate the mechanics of the puzzle. All three puzzle types can be real head scratchers and will test your skills at logic, strategy and patience. There are no time or move limits with the puzzles. They are simply pass or fail in nature.

You will have one final puzzle (haven't made it that far) that ties into the game's storyline where you successfully create the antidote you are searching for.

IQ Mission Barcelona

Overall Impressions

The original IQ Mission was an enjoyable and challenging game to pass the time with and test your puzzle solving skills. IQ Mission 2 is cut from the same cloth and offers you three entertaining mind-bending puzzle games.

The animations and graphics with IQ Mission are well drawn-up and the only complaint I can muster is that unlike the original game that involved eight cities, IQ Mission 2 only involves three. It will take you a while to complete all the puzzle levels, but part of me wishes there were a few more cities involved.

All in all, if you like logic puzzles, you will find IQ Mission 2 a fine addition to your gaming library. IQ Mission 2 is available from both the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Stores with a trial version available. The trial lets you play the first few levels of each puzzle and the full game will run you $1.99.

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