Best Accessories for Travelling with Xbox One

Xbox One
Xbox One (Image credit: Windows Central)

Video game consoles are meant to be played at home, but sometimes we might need to take a system with us to a hotel, event, or elsewhere. If you're going to take your Xbox One on the go, you'll have a better time with the right accessories.

Whether it's a bag, monitor or some simpler accessories like hard drives and controller cases you're looking for, here are some great accessories to get you gaming on the go.

CTA Digital Multi-Function Case for Xbox One

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CTA Case

On the affordable end of the spectrum is CTA Digital's Multi-Function Carrying Case. It's a black messenger-style bag that can hold an Xbox One, a Kinect, and a few accessories.

The front side of the CTA Digital Carrying Case contains two external pockets, one sized to hold cables and smaller accessories, the other large enough to comfortably hold up to three Xbox One controllers. The main body of the bag is divided into two compartments: one that snugly fits an Xbox One and secures it with four Velcro straps; the other for more accessories, such as controllers, a Kinect, power supplies, and more.

CTA Digital's case sells for around $30, so it won't break the bank.

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Hori Universal gaming monitor

Hori monitor

Travelling with a console has one major disadvantage: You're leaving your display at home. No-one wants to carry a big monitor or TV with them, but something like Hori's 15.6-inch HD monitor is certainly a great replacement.

For $200 you get something essentially the same size as many laptop displays. Resolution is limited to 720p, but you do get two HDMI inputs, built-in speakers and a nifty case that will keep it nice and safe inside your bag.

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USA Gear S13 Travel Case for consoles

USA Gear

The USA Gear S13 comes from carrying case specialist Accessory Power. It's a large black messenger bag that can carry an Xbox One console and most of its accessories.

The interior of the bag features two compartments, plus a soft divider wall in the middle. The console side holds the Xbox One in via a single Velcro strap. An extra divider will allow the case to hold an Xbox One S in place without it bouncing around.

On the opposite side, the case has one large area with several adjustable dividers. These allow you to create compartments for controllers, a power supply, and a headset or an external hard drive.

This one sells for around $45 and hits a good sweet spot between price and durability.

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GT Omega Racing backpack

A good bag to carry your console doesn't have to be something you can't also use every day. GT Omega Racing's backpack is affordable at $69.95 and is an absolute cavern. Not only will you be able to carry your console, but all your accessories, games, even alongside a laptop, tablet, and anything else you can think of.

It's incredibly durable, and the clever design provides a hidden laptop pocket, an enormous main pocket big enough for an Xbox One S or X, and a smaller but still pretty massive front pocket. You also get a chest strap to help your shoulders support the massive weight this bag is capable of carrying!

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GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

GAEMS Vanguard

If you don't want to deal with carrying both a case and a monitor around, the GAEMS Vanguard might be just the thing for you. GAEMS' flagship product is a hard plastic carrying case with a 19-inch 720p monitor and speakers built inside.

A single interior compartment holds the console itself, with Velcro straps holding it tightly in place. The console and monitor's power supplies and cables fit inside a coupon of padded bags that sit on either side of the console during use. When you're ready to play, just unpack the cables, hook it up, and play the system directly from within the case.

One downside when using the Vanguard to transport an original Xbox One is the beefy console leaves precious little room for the accessories on the side. It's a tight fit, and you might need to carry extra controllers and such in a separate bag. The Xbox One S and X fit like a charm, as do other consoles. The GAEMS Vanguard sells for around $300.

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Portable hard drive

Game Drive

Seagate Game Drive 2TB External Hard Drive (Image credit: Seagate)

At home, you may well have a large, powered hard drive with masses of storage to store your Xbox One games on, especially if you have a 500GB console. That's not going to work very well on the road since it's probably pretty big and something else you'll need power for.

A portable USB drive, though, won't be such a hassle. It hooks up over a single USB cable, requires no external power and will slip inside even a small pocket inside your bag. There are plenty to choose from, including Xbox-branded game drives (opens in new tab) from Seagate, and a bunch of small drives in various capacities from Western Digital.

Xbox One controller case

If you have an Xbox Elite controller then you'll already have a case, but if not, it's a great and inexpensive way to look after it when you're traveling.

They don't need to be flashy or fancy — this case from Snakebyte is just $10. It doesn't add much bulk and will easily protect it from damage.

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Updated August 16, 2018: Removed some older accessories and introduced the Hori portable monitor and GT Omega Backpack to our roundup!

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  • I'm rocking the original Xbox carrying case still. Xbox One fits perfectly.
  • Pretty cool that yours has held up for so long! I travel frequently with my console, so I tend to wear things out faster than the average user.
  • I've had my Xbox One since just shortly after launch and I JUST threw the box out a couple weeks ago along with my Xbox 360 box. I've only used the boxes a few times for taking my console somewhere and they both held up extremely well stashed away in the closet. I guess if I need to take my Xbox One with me somewhere again I'll have to look into a bag like this. My original Xbox is actually stashed away somewhere in a hard sided case that I got from Lowe's. I think it was meant for tools or something, but it was a pretty nice case and it was padded with foam that I could tear out to fit whatever I needed. It was a little heavy, but it did the job well. If I were to get a bag, I think I'd prefer a backpack with a sling style strap. It's what I currently use for my daily carry bag and is more comfortable that a standard backpack.
  • I have never move my console outside my house ever since bought, I guess ppl from the state travel more with console? I won't be using this anytime soon, but if I know some one that needs it I could recommend them.
  • That looks sweet!  Now you can go lose in Forza wherever you go!! ;)
  • Never done much traveling with a console--at least, not in a long time. I kind of forget about these kinds of products because of this. My friend had one for his 360, don't know if he also got one for his XB1. Kind of pricey on the monitors, I think, but I really don't know what's expected in that segment of business.
  • Whenever I take my Xbox one, I use my GAEMS case. Survived during my deployment to Afghanistan. Just doesn't have enough space to put everything into. But it does come with a monitor so I think that is a fair trade.
  • Hopefully the Xbox One S and accessories will fit well in there. Glad you've enjoyed your Vanguard too!
  • I liked the look of the CTA Digital Multi-Function Case. Since I'm usally just taking it between home, uni, or a friends house. (no need for anything to fancy) The only problem is, it's pritty expensive in the Uk, (almost $20 more) so I'll have to wait for it to come down in price. 
  • I've been using the CTA case for almost 2 years for my college commute and it's been great! There's one seam on the hard drive pouch that's torn but other wise it's still in good condition! Discs can slide out of the sleeves but I've never liked that design on anything anyway.