Best Alienware m17 Black Friday deals 2021

Alienware m17 R3
Alienware m17 R3 (Image credit: Dell)

When you think of gaming laptops a few brands spring to mind, but one of the originals is Alienware. Nowadays under Dell's stewardship, Alienware has been making some of the best gaming laptops as long as anybody. So they're pretty good at it.

Alienware is also one of the brands that still caters to those who want a big gaming laptop. As form factors get slimmer and bezels are trimmed, we're seeing more and more 13-15 inch laptops, but the 17-incher isn't dead yet. Definitely not with Alienware.

That's where the Alienware m17 comes in and of course, it's Black Friday shopping season. Dell is a pretty strong supporter of it with some of the best gaming laptop deals and has been rolling them out all throughout November. So, if you're hunting for an Alienware m17 right now, we've got you covered.

Where to find the best Alienware m17 Black Friday deals

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The first place to go for any big shopping event is Dell's own store. It's where you'll find the widest range of configurations available and the deals are already live. Some are limited stock, though, so if you see something you like make sure you check if it has a bar telling you how close it is to being claimed. It's kind of like Amazon's lightning deals, but they're on for a bit longer.

Amazon is also a solid shout. You won't find the same configuration choice but you can always get a deal on Amazon.

Alienware m17 R4 | Save over $400

Alienware m17 R4 | Save over $400

With a huge saving, you can pick up one of the biggest gaming laptops around with an RTX 3060 inside paired with an Intel Core i7 and 16GB of RAM. Your games will look and run great on this beasty thing.

Alternatives to the Alienware m17

The m17 isn't the only 17-inch gaming laptop in the Alienware lineup. It's arguably the best choice for most, but if a big screen and some serious gaming power is the most important thing you do have options believe it or not.

There's also the Alienware x17 and the Alienware Area-51m to choose from. And both feature in the Black Friday sales and both offer something different to the m17 while retaining that large display. One is a sleek gaming machine, while the other is an absolute behemoth.

Alienware Area-51m | Huge savings on list price

Alienware Area-51m | Huge savings on list price

The Area-51m is, to this day, a unique laptop that's fully upgradable and uses a proper, full-fat desktop process. That Intel Core i7 is paired with an RTX 2070 and an optional G-Sync display for a big, bad gaming laptop that's sure to turn heads.

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