Best Windows Alternative to the MacBook Pro

Why the Surface Book 2 is the best alternative to the MacBook Pro

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If you're the type of laptop buyer who's considering a '"pro" level machine, then you want it for more than just a name. Whether you're a creator or some other kind of professional user, you're looking for a laptop that offers more than above average. You want the best.

You want the best, so you want a Surface Book 2.

If you're looking for the best, the Surface Book 2 is where it's at. It's a unique product, not just among Windows laptops, with a number of key differentiators. The screen comes away from the base, leaving you with a slim, powerful, high-resolution Windows 10 tablet that you can draw and write on with the Surface Pen. Unless you have the dedicated GPU option (which resides in the keyboard base), you lose nothing else besides battery life by using it as a tablet.

But docked as a laptop you have everything you might need. There's a great keyboard, a sublime trackpad and ports to actually connect things to. If you're a photographer who needs a microSD card slot, you're well looked after.


There are so many great Windows laptops out there nowadays it can be hard to pin it down to the right one for you. In this case, if the MacBook Pro is attractive to you but you'd prefer Windows, these four are your better options. The Razer Blade is great if you'd also like to game, the XPS 15 is perfect if you want that larger display and the Surface Book 2 is the best all-rounder you can get right now.

Updated May 18, 2018: The Surface Book 2 is our new top pick as an alternative to the MacBook Pro.

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