Best Buy to offer between $200 and $350 for your original Surface tablets in trade-in program

The US retail chain Best Buy is running a trade-in promotion for those who own a Microsoft Surface tablet. It's worth noting this promotion as you're guaranteed a gift card worth at least $200 when a full functional unit is traded in at a participating store. The most you'll be awarded is $350, so while it's not as lucrative as eBay you'll still be offloading your older model in time for Surface v2.

There are a few requirements to be eligible. Your Surface must power on, be free of any liquid damage and the display can't have any cracks. If you're considering the offer, be sure to act promptly as the promotion ends October 21st. It's a handy closing date as the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 launch the day after. Will you be looking to trade your older models in?

Source: Best Buy (opens in new tab), via: The Verge; thanks, DJCBS, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Haha I bought my surface rt 64 gb for $200. :D
  • Win win
  • Why does it say 150 on the website?
  • I don't think it does. The link in the article says "Receive a minimum $200 Best Buy gift card when you trade in your Surface tablet. Maximum trade-in value of $350."
  • That's what the copy says, but if you actually try and do a trade-in, here are the values:
    Surface RT, 32GB: $150
    Surface RT, 64GB: $175
    Surface Pro, 64GB: $315
    Surface Pro, 128GB: $350
    Those prices are for what they consider good condition. Fair and poor conditions are 70% and 45% of the listed prices, respectively.
  • Pretty sure the trade-in estimate tool doesn't factor in promotions like this.
  • You're probably right on that one. I also didn't notice in the mouse type for the promo says in-store only. In such case, it's kind of silly for Best Buy to have put a link to online trade in right in the promo itself.
  • LOL the prices for the Surface Pro are a complete joke, only a damn fool would trade a Pro in for that price.
  • Not if you bought them for cheaper :)
  • How would u buy a pro for cheaper than $350.
  • Used or MSFT Partner conference
  • I have 200 set aside already. So I sell my rt for 200 and now I have 400. Im sure I can come across a pro for under 5 somewhere. Question is what would be the better machine? Surface 2 or original pro. Im thinking original pro
  • Depends what you want this to do for you. If you want windows desktop programs thn pro.
    If you just need office and that for free too, along with always-on, connected stand by, 200gb skydrive for two years, 1 year skype world calling, light weight, long battery thn surface 2 is good.
  • FYI, I just traded in my surface RT 32GB. And I got $200 BBK in-store credit. So the ad is correct. Originally RT's value is upto $150 but we can get extra credit during this trade-in promotion period. I think it's not bad at all. Now I have $200 for surface2. :)
  • They told me it's not even an Ad, they said they cannot honor news article. What did you show them? Is it not offered in all Best Buys?
  • I went to BestBuy yesterday to try, the max they would give me is $150. I showed them this post, they checked and said no, the $200-$350 is not even on their website.
  • It was on their website
  • They must have removed it. I though I asw it flastered around the Surface table a couple of weeks ago too. Not anymore though.
  • It's there now! Thank you!
  • I have extended warranty from Microsoft. I can pay extra 50$ and they will give me brand new Surface Pro 128GB, warranty is for 2 year, so I will go next year to MS store (hopefully by then they have stopped selling orignal Surface Pro) and I will tell them to replace it with Pro 2 :)
  • So you are 'planning' for it to break within warranty?  I think that is called fraud.
  • You seem to be under the mistaken impression that people still follow some sort of moral code. Simply untrue!
  • The goes for corporations, not just people. There is nothing moral about 'stealing' a Surface Pro 128gb from someone for mere $350. And then Best Buy goes on and resells it at least for double that ammount.
  • Except in this case, the difference is huge. People know exactly what they are doing if they sell to BB for that price. BIG difference when compared to insurance fraud. Not that I disagree with the general point that most businesses have poor morals as well.
  • Does go pretty much just for people, remember people run corporations/businesses, so if the people are corrupt the corporations/businesses will be corrupt too...
    I have yet to run into a sentient corporation or business.
  • Well played ;)
  • Yep, good point nmercy!
  • Just so you know its highly likely that will fail. They're discontinuing sales, that doesn't mean all surface pros are disappearing. Your pro has depreciated in value, and just because it had the same original MSRP doesn't make it worth a surface pro 2. They're required to service your device, not update it periodically for you. If I bought a Lumia 920 @$199 and it ends up having defective hardware after a year, its not like I can request a refurbished Lumia 1020 or Lumia 1520 instead. Doesn't work like that. Also, that's probably illegal in some way.
  • What illegal stuff are you talking about people? I don't know about policies in states but here Microsoft store at Canada, they clearly told me that I am eligible to get brand new Surface Pro twice in 2 year. BRAND NEW. doesn;t matter if I drop it in water and get it replaced with brand new. I have to pay 50$ extra thats all. How the fu*k is that fraud when it says on my warranty papers. And I paid 100$ for the warranty when I bought Surface Pro 128gb. 
  • Ibandar you're confused about this statement. As a former Ms store employee I'll explain it to you, they will either give you a new one as in the same surface (the surface pro 1) if they have it, or the amount it is worth, which right now sits at about 900 dollars. This you can then use to offset the cost of the new surface pro 2. They will not just give you a brand new surface 2, although by giving you 900 off for one, you can effectively get it for almost nothing.
  • iBandrer, they're saying they will replace your Surface IF IT BREAKS, up to twice.  Are you thinking you just bring in your working Surface and get a new one anytime for $50?  That's not what you bought.
    We're saying it;s fraud becuase it sounds like you are planning to break your Surface when the time is right and then bring it in and claim a warranty replacement... which would be fraud.  But maybe you're just misunderstanding the plan you purchased?
  • That is what is known as rationalization. It is the same for shoplifting or defrauding on Wall St.....or invading Poland.
  • Wait a minute here. Does this mean Poland is going to invade Canada or something?
  • I wonder if this is available in Canada as well. That would be great!
  • Isn't future shop owned by BBY? I would check with them.
  • I am so getting me a trade-in for the new surface 2! :)
  • I'll trade my RT in if I can get at least $300. Then I'll use that money for a Surface 2 and new keyboard
  • The new one sells for 350. They wont give 300 for trading it in.
  • The new one sells for $450. But I agree no one will give you $300 for a Surface RT.
  • So it seems like this may not be a bad deal after considering hassle, and eBay/paypal fees. I wonder how much they give with touch cover?
  • I sold my Surface RT 32gb (I kept my touch cover to use with the 2) the day before the announcement and made about ~$260 after seller fees and such. Of course you will probably get less now that the announcement had happened. May be worthwhile to go this route just for the convenience
  • What's the price for the Surface 2 & Surface Pro 2??
  • Surface 2 32 GB is $449 and 64GB is $549 (without the keyboards which costs extra $110 approx) Surface Pro 2 starts at $899 for 64 GB I guess.
  • Ok thanks!
  • Not a deal for my surface pro but when I gar the RT I would jump on this
  • Only if I can get 350. Your boy is poor.
  • Yeah, I wonder if they'll honor that minimum $200 b/c it shows $150 for the RT 32GB when you select it from the listing.
  • Its in store for this deal. I know only BBY would link the normal trade in link to the ad.
  • I paid 899 for my Surface Pro 128 GB less than a year ago and it works great. I won't be trading in.
  • I guess to each their own. If you need to get something from best buy but, I would ebay or sell it in the paper before giving it to them for those prices. I know I could get at least double that if not tripple that...
    That is IF i had a Surface (have a Samsung slate 7) and I wanted to get rid of it..
  • Who is going to pay 400 for a used surface 1?
  • Triple $200, let alone $350? Wherever you're selling (like mobile said) your used surface rt for $600 when you can get a new one for $350, let us know! Unless you meant surface pro I suppose, which I would probably agree with.
  • They said $150 for a RT 32gb.....Anyway about it, I would be talking about a Surface Pro....
    RT does nothing for me and even if they were $99, I would not buy one (I want a full PC that can run all apps, not only marketplace programs/games)
  • 350 for a pro 128. Robbery
  • Dam, i wish I had an original surface : /
  • Nopers Surface Pro one is good enough for me. :-)
  • Hmmm I pre-ordered from MS Store...wonder if they'll match this offer and ave me the hassle of having to do a return and re-purchase at Best Buy. Plus I'd much rather have a MS Store/XBox gift card.
  • I did the same thing. Hopefully Microsoft will do something for us.
  • ScubaNitrox said he will pay cash. Just a couple posts down
  • I think will beat those prices, right now.
  • I checked the other day and for a like new 64G RT with touch cover was under $170
  • I still like my Surface Pro, no need to change. I'll wait for the 3rd Gen.
  • If you are willing to sell either a 64 RT or 128 pro for that cheap, let me know. I'll pay cash, not a card.
  • I only paid 200 for my new surface rt a month ago. Question would you buy surface 2 or original surface pro? Im sure I can get a pro at a decent price now but wont have the new stuff but would be a full fledge cmoc
  • Depends what you want this to do for you. If you want windows desktop programs thn pro.
    If you just need office and that for free too, along with always-on, connected stand by, 200gb skydrive for two years, 1 year skype world calling, light weight, long battery thn surface 2 is good.
  • 32GB Surface RT is only $150.  In my opinion, that's not good enough to offset the $449 for a Surface 2.  I even think the performance improvements made in 8.1 will further that opinion.
  • Exactly. I really don't see any benefit getting surface 2 if you already have 1.
  • What do they mean by "liquid damages?" There is a spot on the back of my Surface where the paint has chipped of. It's about the size of a dime.
  • Does this mean they're gonna start selling the OG surface pro for pretty cheap? If so, I'm in!
  • I should get $350 since I have that damn bundle... I love my surface cause its so sexy and cause its windows duh, but its the buggiest slowest shit I've ever used. Like a palm pre. Lol I would never share this anywhere but here, we get enough bashing from cnet lol
  • Will I have trouble trading in my Surface RT if I have 8.1 release on it? When does 8.1 become official (non-beta)?
  • 18th...just 7 days....
  • Thanks, I was worried I couldn't update to 8.1 before the promotion ended.
  • I will trade-in the refurbished $200 Surface RT I bought from the ebay deal posted here a while back. Bestbuy requirement is the table should turn on, no waterdameged, screen is not damged. I think I want to upgarde to Pro.
  • I'm a stay home mom and my husband gave a surface in march, we pay $599 with the bundle they have, I wish he pick a pro instead, I would love to traded in but getting just $200 is not the much for me, I don't use it as much so it look almost in a brand new condition, I just miss using some staff the only the pro can do or iPad, since the app store has very limited apps for kids I think Microsoft make it very easy for us (patents) to pick other tablets.
  • Amazon trade-in offer for Surface is $170. Why is bestbuy better? Although I would like Microsoft to offer a tradein, a better one and like they have for iPad.
  • As I posted above, I traded in my surface RT 32G today and got $200. Better than Amazon and I can use it any items in BBK. 
  • Which store and what did you show them? I went to Best Buy, the most they can offer is $150, i showed them this article and the Verge's they said they are just news articles and not actual promo. They searched their website and they couldn't find anything about this promo.