Best Cheap 4K HDR TVs for Xbox One X Windows Central 2021

If you want the most from your Xbox One X, a 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) TV is essential. 4K resolution means sharper visuals, and paired with vivid HDR colors, can make for a striking final image. While you'll get premium features, that high performance doesn't mean a high price tag. We've rounded up the best inexpensive 4K HDR TVs for Xbox One X.

Wallet-friendly 4K: Insignia 43-inch 4K HDR Fire TV Edition

This 43-inch 4K TV from Insignia leads our roundup thanks to it being among the cheapest in its category. 4K resolution and HDR help deliver impressive visuals and audio, packaged at half the price of an Xbox One X. It's also paired with Amazon Fire TV and Alexa voice integration, allowing it to nail the basics.

$250 at Amazon

Big-screen bargain: TCL 55-inch 55S405 4K HDR TV

This 55-inch TV packs maximum screen space without topping the budget. TCL's sizeable panel is a sleek living room centerpiece, serving mid-range 4K and HDR. It's been a top gaming choice since 2017, with big-screen essentials at an unbeaten price.

$350 at Best Buy

Sharp and vibrant: LG 50-inch UK6300 4K HDR TV

LG's display expertise prospers with this TV, packing effective, low-cost 4K and HDR in a sleek and decently-sized package. The result sees colors truly pop and is sure to draw the most from games and movies. At 50-inches, it also fits smartly into the average living room.

$350 at Best Buy

Gaming utopia: Samsung 43-inch NU7100 4K HDR TV

This 43-inch Samsung TV offers a solid entry point into the world of 4K and HDR. It feels immersive without throwing you off the game, with low input lag on the Xbox One X. Backed by Samsung's smart TV feature set, it's a cohesive package over most budget alternatives.

$400 at Best Buy

Best of budget: Samsung 55-inch NU6900 4K HDR TV

Scaling up Samsung's acclaimed LED series to 55-inches delivers consistent results across games and video. It's among the best 4K and HDR in the space and a top option under $500.

$450 at Best Buy

Entertainment hub: Sharp 55-inch LBU591U 4K HDR TV

This 55-inch alternative from Sharp retains a great picture and HDR implementation. You'll also find full Roku TV smart features onboard for quick entertainment access.

$450 at Best Buy

While the Insignia 43-inch Fire TV undercuts rivals, the upgrade to the TCL 55-inch 55S405 or LG 50-inch UK6300 brings notable advancements. However, if demanding the best, Samsung leads with an unbeaten synergy of size and quality via its 55-inch NU6900 4K HDR TV.

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