Best drawing tablets 2022: Digital tablets for kids, beginners, PC, and more

Drawing on XP Pen Artist 24 Pro
Drawing on XP Pen Artist 24 Pro (Image credit: Windows Central)

Artists' needs can vary nearly as much as their drawing styles. This has lead manufacturers of digitizers and drawing tablets to create a wide variety of input devices that can fit into nearly any budget. A simple digitizer, for example, will not have a built-in display but can easily be picked up for less than $100. Meanwhile, larger and more advanced graphic display monitors provide the opportunity to draw on the actual screen, but may break the bank with their lofty price tags. Here is our list of the best drawing tablets.

Choosing a drawing tablet

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Xp Pen Artist 12 Drawing In Progress

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Before you click "Add to Cart," you may want to take a moment to consider what type of drawing tablet is going to be right for you. As previously mentioned, some of the more budget-friendly options for drawing tablets do not have built-in monitors. These require a little more hand-eye coordination if you're going to draw on the device while simultaneously looking at a separate screen. Learning to draw without watching your hand can take some time and practice, but for beginners uncertain as to whether digital art is something they want to invest in, these budget digitizers can be priceless.

Screenless digitizers also come with the added bonus of being safe for digital drawing while on the go. There is no concern of a screen that could be damaged while the tablet is in your luggage, so for artists who travel often, these small and portable devices may be the best option. Many digitizer tablets can also be used easily with laptops and mobile devices, providing pen functionality with pressure support for a computer that might not have otherwise had it. They also do not require a lot of computing power to function, and there is no need for a display output connection.

Xp Pen Artist 24 Pro Lifestyle

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

If you are not concerned by issues like computing power and travel, then a drawing monitor may be a good fit. Drawing monitors often open artists up to having a larger workspace as they can span anywhere from 10 to 32 inches. They're also an ideal tool for artists who like to move between traditional and digital art on the fly, as the act of drawing on the canvas via the monitor with a stylus more closely resembles the traditional art process.

For those concerned with portability, a smaller monitor — most notably in the 10- to 16-inch range — can be carefully placed in a protective travel bag for on-the-go use. Smaller drawing monitors also have the advantage of being more budget friendly than their larger counterparts. However, they will require a device that can handle an extra video output source. Knowing how you intend to use your drawing tablet, your budget, and the computing power of the device you'll be creating your digital art with can help narrow down what type of drawing tablet is going to best suit your needs.

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