Best Laptop Cleaners in 2022

Laptops quickly pick up grime, dust, dirt, and smudges. To keep them clean, you'll need several tools specific for electronics. From keeping crumbs out of your keyboard to removing smudges off of the touchscreen, these are the best tools to clean your laptop.

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Laptops are convenient and portable, but as a result of taking them everywhere and using them often, they get messy quickly. Keyboards can fill with crumbs, dirt, and grease, and screens can get covered in smudges. If you want your laptop looking fresh, you'll need a few tools and kits are your best bet. The Screen Mom cleaning kit includes a microfiber cloth and cleaning spray. The cloth is made of microfiber so it's designed to minimize scratches when cleaning the screen and can also be used to wipe other parts of your laptop.

A can of compressed air like the Falcon compressed air cleaner is also an excellent tool to keep in your desk. It's great for cleaning between keys, cleaning the hinge of your laptop, and can also be used to clean other electronics. The listing here is a 4-pack, so you can keep one can at your home office, one at work, and still have some spares.

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