Best PC Gaming Controllers for Students Windows Central 2020

When you're not spending countless hours studying, it's time for a little fun. If you want play some video games in your downtime and not worry about cumbersome wires, you should check out some of these excellent wireless controllers. Each one works with your PC, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the best PC gaming has to offer.

Best overall: Xbox One Wireless Controller

Staff favorite

Nothing really beats the official Xbox One controller in terms of value. The reason why so many gamers love this gamepad is down to the high-quality components and premium feel, making it ideal for PC gaming too.

$60 at Microsoft

Retro style: 8Bitdo SF30 Pro

Not only does the SF30 Pro look amazing and retro, but it also works with PC, Nintendo Switch, and even Android It sports rumble vibration, motion controls, and USB-C connectivity. Relive the good ol' days with this one.

$41 at Amazon

Premium gaming: Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

When money is no object, you have the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Microsoft just announced the second version of this beastly gamepad. While it's not out until the end of 2019, this first-gen model is still amazing.

$140 at Amazon

Ultimate portability: SteelSeries Stratus Duo

Compatible with both your Android smartphone and Windows 10 PC, the Stratus Duo can handle Fortnite and other cross-platform games with ease.

$50 at Amazon

Making a recommendation

Sometimes you just need to relax after a long day of studying and schoolwork. These controllers are ideal for PC gaming, but also sometimes gaming on your Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or other consoles. Plus, they're all wireless, so it makes it easy to play games on the go.

If we were to pick from our collection a single best option for gaming on campus, it would be the official Xbox One Wireless gamepad. This gamepad offers the best in terms of value and performance and will work with various genres, be it RPGs, racing sims, or first-person shooters. Not only can you hook up the official Xbox gamepad to your Pc via a USB cable, but also Bluetooth if your PC supports it.

If you need something a little more unique, the other recommendations in this collection are ideal for PC gaming. The Stratus Duo from SteelSeries is unmatched in terms of functionality for truly portable gaming. With but the flip of a switch, you can move between PC to Android in but a few seconds.

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