Best SFX PSU Windows Central 2022

Anyone looking to build a compact computer with a small form factor will need to consider the size of their power supply. Compared to your average ATX PSU, SFX power supplies are slimmer and smaller, perfect for saving space. If that sounds like something you need, check out our roundup of the best SFX PSUs available below.

SilverStone SX700-PT

Best overall: SilverStone SX700-PT

Staff pick

Our resident PC hardware expert Rich Edmonds was impressed in his SilverStone SX700-PT review, where the PSU proved to be perfect for modern GPUs within a compact case. At 700W, it'll handle almost any scenario, but it's also available in 750W and 1000W variants should you need more power.

$133 at Amazon
Corsair SF750

Runner-up: Corsair SF750

Still one of the most popular SFX power supplies, the Corsair SF range is a fantastic alternative. Boasting a seven-year warranty should leave you with no reservations about whether Corsair believes in the quality of its products. It comes in a range of wattage variants, all slim and compact.

$166 at Amazon
FSP Dagger Pro 850W

Third alternative: FSP Dagger Pro 850

Coming in at a close third is the slim SFX PSU from FSP, similarly impressing in Rich Edmond's Dagger Pro 850W review. Performing a little louder than its counterparts, it uses quality components and won't stand out as noisy during normal operation.

$191 at Amazon

Budget-friendly: EVGA SuperNOVA GM

Another with a seven-year warranty, the SuperNOVA GM includes an SFX to ATX bracket should you want to fit this PSU into a larger case. EVGA keeps the fan noise low and the price down with this hugely affordable SFX power supply.

$110 at Amazon
Fractal Design Ion SFX-L 650G

Budget substitute: Fractal Design Ion SFX-L 650G

Closely matched at its price to the budget choice but operating a little louder, the Ion SFX range is a fantastic alternative for saving money. Includes a free SFX to ATX bracket and 80+ Gold-rated efficiency.

$126 at Amazon
Seasonic FOCUS SGX

Cool and quiet: Seasonic FOCUS SGX

Yet another fully modular choice for the SFX form factor, the FOCUS SGX includes a free ATX adapter mount and a massive 10-year warranty, generous indeed. Pushing the cost up a little from our budget choices but well worth the jump considering its high-quality construction.

$150 at Amazon

Choosing the best SFX PSU

Just because they're smaller, it doesn't mean SFX power supplies are any weaker than their full-sized ATX variants. Generally designed for more compact cases, it is possible to mount an SFX PSU with an adapter into an ATX case. Besides their physical size, they do the same job: provide your components power at whatever total wattage they need. It's worth double-checking your case requirements because SFX power supplies are usually only ever selected for the tiniest builds.

Once you've decided on which PSU standard is best for your PC, you'll be able to choose which is best for you. Our collection of the SFX styles is well suited for a small form factor PC, and there are plenty of other size choices when looking for the best power supply in general.

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