Best Smart TVs for Streaming

Why the Sony X930D is the best TV for streaming

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We rank Sony's setup and platform as the ideal option for streamers who wish to rely on their TV alone.

If Microsoft made a smart TV platform, it'd probably be the best in the world. But they don't, thus we have to stick with whatever television manufacturers go with — and it's nigh impossible to buy a new TV these days without it coming with some manner of built-in smarts. In the case of Sony, the company deploys Android TV, which is actually a solid experience. Should you require advanced functionality from your set, as well as the ability to stream all the content, you'll definitely need to consider one of these beauties.

First up, the X930D is gorgeous out the box. It's a stunning slab of black magic that sits wonderfully on a table, cabinet or even attached to the wall. This particular model we've highlighted here guide is the 55-inch variant, which is the sweet spot when it comes to screen sizes for the living room. You could go larger or smaller if you so wish, though. Options are available.

The entire package measures in at just 10mm at its thinnest point and 15mm where all the internals are contained for processing content. Speaking of which, this set in particular supports not only 3D, but also HDR and 4K content too. Investing in this TV will ensure your home is set for the future of ultra-sharp, ultra-colorful content. Colors are sharp and Sony's Slim Backlight Drive make for a pleasant viewing experience.

With Android TV installed you'll be able to enjoy not only movies, TV and other media, but also some gaming too. The Google Play Store is at hand for downloading apps and other portals. All-in-all the Sony X930D is a superb Android-powered TV experience. And if that's not your thing, you can still plug in an Xbox One S or a Stick PC and — voila! — you've got Windows.


Should you be wanting to stream content in the big room there are a number of options available to do so without dongles or other accessories. While we believe Sony offers a brilliant experience with te X930D series of televisions, other manufacturers in our round-up offer capable units that are able to handle connected content.

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