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Best TP-Link routers in 2022

TP-Link Archer A7
(Image credit: Windows Central)

TP-Link has long been a renowned networking manufacturer, developing some of the most reliable, high-quality routers and accessories for years. They offer everything from basic budget models to multi-node mesh Wi-Fi and high-end gaming routers designed for high-speed traffic management and the lowest latency possible. Choosing the brand is an excellent start, so we've rounded up the best TP-Link routers currently available.

TP-Link has offered fantastic routers for years now, and the Archer A7 has stuck in the top spot as the best value choice. Perfectly balancing a solid feature set with an affordable price tag, it should suit almost any home looking for a single-unit router to connect wired and wireless devices. If you push a little further for modern technology, the Archer AX21 is a great alternative that supports Wi-Fi 6 and all its improvements to traffic management.

For larger homes or buildings with thicker foundations, mesh Wi-Fi with the Deco X55 is ideal. It's proven to be a fantastic solution to connecting wired devices even in the farthest-reaching rooms of any home, supporting Ethernet backhaul for high-speed data transfer. Whichever model you choose, TP-Link manufactures some of the best Wi-Fi routers in the world, and the brand consistently represents high quality.

Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson

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