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There are literally hundreds of TV options out there, so choosing just one can be a daunting task. No matter your budgets or requirements, we're here to help. Right now, we're recommending the Samsung Q60 (2019) as the ultimate balance between price, choice, and quality for your Xbox One.

Best Overall: Samsung Q60

The Q60 series is Samsung's mid-range superhero for 2019. Samsung's QLED manufacturing process brings some OLED color quality to more affordable LED tech, creating a nice bridge between the high-end and low-end.

The Q60 series also comes in one of the widest ranges of size options out there for a TV with true HDR, starting at just 43 inches. If you're using a cheaper set with limited HDR and wide-color support, the Q60 will add another dimension to your games at both 4K (Xbox One X), and 1080p (Xbox One S). Sets at 49 inches and above also contain FreeSync, which grants an even smoother gaming experience on Xbox One by synchronizing your TV's refresh rate against the frame rate of your game.

It is quite honestly my favorite TV purchase of all time

Another benefit of QLED is that there is little to no risk of image retention, which is something OLED sets cannot boast. The trade-off is weaker viewing angles, but unless you game at a 45-degree slant from your TV, you won't notice. QLED also sports abyssal black levels and enjoys rapid response rates, complete with a Game Mode, making it an excellent option for console play. It also intelligently detects Xbox One devices, and has options CEC-HDMI integration, allowing you to turn on and control both devices using the bundled Samsung remote. If you're a Samsung Galaxy user, the TV also integrates directly into your phone, allowing you to use your action center as a remote control in a pinch. You can also use the Samsung SmartThings app on other mobile devices for similar functionality.

I've been using this set personally for several months and it is quite honestly my favorite TV purchase of all time. I recommend this to anyone looking to add an extra flair to their Xbox One, whether its full 4K on the X or crisp colors at 1080p on the S.


  • 4K resolution
  • HDR10 support
  • Amazing colors
  • SmartThings integration
  • Little risk of image retention
  • Larger models have FreeSync


  • Not the cheapest
  • Poor viewing angles

Best overall

Samsung Q60 (2019)

A huge range of features.

The Q60 offers a huge amount of power and features starting at an affordable price. This is one purchase you won't regret.

Best Premium: LG B8

Regarded by RTings as the best TV for gaming they've ever tested, critics and experts from around the internet agree that the LG B8 is currently the best of the best when it comes to premium quality.

With near-instant refresh rates, staggering 4K OLED picture quality, and baked-in smart features, the LG B8 series is a pick up for those who have no issues splashing the cash. OLED panels edge out regular LED sets for colors and lighting, with rapid response rates for gaming and great viewing angles for those local co-op sessions.

The main downside with this set, besides the price, is that it starts at 55 inches. For those with limited space, the more versatile QLED above might be a better option.


  • Rapid refresh rate
  • Gorgeous HDR
  • 4K crispness
  • Smart features
  • Superior viewing angles


  • Starts at 55 inches
  • Pricey option

Best Premium


Big and bold

Although there aren't many size options, if money and space are no issue to you, this is the best gaming TV money can buy.

Best Monitor: LG 27UK

If you're gaming with extremely limited space and want something that'll fit on a desk, consider the LG 27UK series of monitors.

These monitors come with FreeSync at 60Hz, which makes for a smoother gaming experience and can lend a small edge in competitive play. RTings reports that the IPS panel produces solid viewing angles and the monitor has decent colors and sharpness, even with lots of moving elements on-screen. It does have HDR10 compatibility, but the peak brightness is too low for it to make a real difference for visuals.

You should only really get this panel if you're hard-pressed for space, or want something versatile in the office for switching between a console and PC for work and play.


  • FreeSync support
  • Ideal for office use
  • Solid refresh rate and sharpness
  • Good price


  • Limited HDR brightness
  • Risk of image retention

Best Monitor


Pint-sized gaming

If you need something smaller for some desktop gaming, consider the LG 27UK series of monitors.

Best Budget: TCL 55R617

If you want a solid panel without blowing up the bank, experts recommend the TCL 55R series TV, recently refreshed for 2019.

While it lacks the bells and whistles of some of its more expensive counterparts, the TCL 55R packs some serious imaging chops for a svelte price. It sports local dimming for better image quality, passable HDR brightness, and sharp, responsive 4K visuals. It trails a bit when it comes to viewing angles, and darker areas in games can produce animation ghosting effects, but for the price, this is the best value you'll get in 2019.


  • Responsive display with low input lag
  • Crisp colorful 4K picture
  • Great contrast ratios


  • Unimpressive viewing angles
  • Starts at 55 inches

Best Budget

TCL 55R617

Don't break the bank

If you're looking for something high-quality without flattening your balance, this TCL 55R panel is a great option for entry-level Xbox gaming.

Bottom line

The Samsung Q60 represents the best balance between quality visuals and price, bridging the gap between the pricey options and the budget ones.

The Q60 sports gorgeous, eye-catching colors with impressive HDR brightness and contrasts, making games like Sea of Thieves and The Division 2 far more visually exciting. Grabbing a display that can output HDR with wide color gamut feels as big of a visual leap as moving from 1080p to 4K.

Beyond gaming, the Q60 also sports Samsung's excellent TV software, complete with a wide suite of staple apps like Netflix and YouTube, integrating SmartThings smart home features for synchronized scenes and power settings. The remote also comes with Bixby voice controls, but you'll never use that (trust me).

The bottom line is, the Q60 remains the best TV I've ever purchased personally, and I can guarantee no Xbox gamer will find it to be disappointing.

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