While the now-discontinued Xbox One 2013 model was designed for horizontal play only, its baby brother, the svelte Xbox One S in fact is also designed for a life standing up right. You can't do it out of the box, however.

While you can put your Xbox One S on its side, it's not completely recommended, as the balance isn't particularly stable. You will need an additional stand or mount to support this position, and thankfully, they're not too expensive. Here's what's on the market.

Official Microsoft Xbox One S stand

What you're getting here is essentially a piece of plastic that connects to the base of the Xbox One S to give it better balance.

You simply slide it into the underside of the console as pictured, listen for a click, and job done. There's not much more to say, except there are cheaper options that do exactly the same thing. If you prefer to have the "official" product, this will set you back around $20.

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DOUBI Xbox One S Stand

Want something practically identical to the official product but slightly cheaper? DOUBI has your back.

This stand is exactly the same as the Xbox One S official stand, but since it doesn't have Xbox branding, you can shave $5 off the price making it $9.99. You could spend that $5 on some Overwatch loot crates or REQ packs in Halo 5, or buy some candy or something. There's simply no need to buy the official product unless you're crazy (like me).

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Level 99 Wide Xbox One S Stand

Now if you want something that is still slightly cheaper than the official stand, but has a slightly different design, check out the $13 Xbox One S stand from Level 99.

The official stand clips into the bottom of the Xbox One S and while steady, can be a little wobbly and, potentially prone to being knocked over. (As I found out at Gamescom where I managed to knock over not only an Xbox One S, but also an Xbox One X with the same stand. Yes it was awkward.) The Level 99 stand has a much wider base, which should, in theory, make it "Rage Quit" proof, according to the company.

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HIDEit Xbox One S Wall Mount

Now if you want to go nuclear, then look no further than the HIDEit Xbox One S Wall Mount.

For $30, the HIDEit Wall Mount is designed to perfectly fit your Xbox One S without impeding airflow, allowing you to mount it to a wall for those who want an extremely minimalist set-up. Our own Executive Editor Daniel Rubino is currently using one in conjunction with a TV, hiding the Xbox One S behind it. You can even pay a little more and get two controller mounts to go with it.

This product will require a little bit of DIY, but if you're willing, it could bring some much-needed sleekness to your living room.

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That's a wrap!

There are a few other stand options out there, including this stand / USB charger hybrid, but like many (most) third-party accessories, it seems a little janky. Personally, I use the official Xbox One S stand because I was too lazy to shop around and keep my S neatly tucked away behind the TV. Although, it has given me some problems with the IR sensor.

Hit the link below for more information on standing Xboxes up vertically, and hit the comments to let us know whether you're team vertical or team horizontal.

Is it safe to stand up my Xbox One?

Update, January 16, 2018: These are still the best stands available for the Xbox One S!

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