Best video game companions on Xbox One

Whether you're exploring distant galaxies or taking down an enemy faction, every hero needs his sidekick. Video game companions come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes being the most memorable aspects of an adventure. Here are our favorite video game companions we've encountered on the Xbox One!

Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite)

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As video game companions go, BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth stands out as one of the most memorable and helpful companions across the Xbox One's library. Although a key character in the game's narrative, Elizabeth also manages to give Booker unrivaled support in combat.

After a close escape from her lockup in the center of Columbia, Elizabeth quickly learns of the darker secrets the city holds. Although she's been locked away and sheltered from the world, she soon comes to understand Booker's supposed motives and stands alongside him in combat.

Although she won't be grabbing a pump-action shotgun anytime soon, Elizabeth offers support during heated battles. From finding health and salts to spawning cover, her ability to manipulate the fabric of time becomes a unique but helpful mechanic in the latter half of the game.

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Cortana (Halo series)


Halo (Image credit: Microsoft)

Cortana is one of the most iconic characters from an Xbox franchise, spanning each of the main Halo games as an assistant to Master Chief. She is also the closest example of an emotional relationship with the Chief, keeping him in a stable state throughout his adventures across the galaxy.

While she was simply a loyal sidekick in earlier entries, Cortana soon became a key part of the series' narrative as their relationship grew. Getting wound up in her fair share of trouble, Master Chief is willing to go off the rails to guarantee her safety.

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Captain Price (Call of Duty series)

First-person shooter campaigns have never been known for their characters, but Call of Duty's Captain Price is an unquestionable exception to the norm. Captain Price maintains a persona as a father figure, leading the squad through the events of the first two Modern Warfare games. Being alongside the player in most encounters, Captain Price has arguably ended up being one of the series' most explored individuals.

While serious and irritable at best, Captain Price is best known for his occasional jokes on the field. Diverging from his short-tempered personality, these made for some of the most memorable quotes in Call of Duty history.

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Dogmeat (Fallout series)

Dogmeat is the lovable German Shepherd companion from the Fallout games, making an appearance in both Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. Befriending Dogmeat is one of the first tasks for many Fallout 4 players, after stumbling into the lone pup outside the Red Rocket truck stop.

Being one of the few companions to accompany the survivor in Fallout 4, Dogmeat can be of great help when navigating the wasteland. Like all the game's companions, Dogmeat can be issued orders, help out in combat or carry items.

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Mack (ReCore)

If living dogs aren't your thing, ReCore's Mack is another canine friend with more than just electronics at his core. Partnering up with Joule and her other robotic sidekicks, his loyalty to his owner makes him a worthy part of the Corebot lineup.

Mack is paired alongside Joule from the outset, being the first of the Corebot frames under Joule's control. Using the K-9 frame, Mack's abilities are best used when searching and retrieving items, or simply serving as an endearing friend.

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Quiet (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)

Although she initially attempted to kill Big Boss during Metal Gear Solid V's hospital raid, Quiet soon moved over Diamond Dogs to accompany Venom Snake on missions. After sustaining lethal injuries when her assassination attempt went wrong, she was left breathing through her skin following experimental-but-life-saving treatments.

Quiet is a ruthless companion at heart, but upon moving over to Diamond Dogs, begins to show more caring traits. Being unable to speak, her character is built up in a rather unique way over the course of The Phantom Pain. Although she still has the ability to be ruthless when situations are dire, Quiet emerges to be an unexpected but formidable companion.

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Claptrap (Borderlands series)

Claptrap is Borderlands' adorable but equally annoying assistant, who makes an appearance in each of the main games. Programmed to be an overenthusiastic outcast, Claptrap's personality shines through as one of the most unforgettable in franchise history.

While Claptrap mostly keeps to himself in the first Borderlands game, later entries in the franchise expanded on both his abilities and eccentric personality. However, if you're bringing Claptrap along for a ride, just make sure you avoid the stairs.

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What about you?

Do you have any favorite video game companions? Or do you prefer to explore alone? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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