Best Wireless Keyboards Windows Central 2021

The problem with cables is that they need managing. That takes time and effort and rarely looks as neat and tidy as if they weren't there at all. Thankfully, there are a number of really fantastic wireless keyboards for your PC that will help you out just a little bit.

Surface Keyboard

Battery king: Microsoft Surface Keyboard

Staff favorite

Microsoft's Surface quality is applied to this keyboard, which can last an entire year on a single set of AAA batteries. The soft gray finish is a perfect complement to any Surface, but it can be used by anyone on any PC. It connects over Bluetooth, has nice stiff keys that help prevent accidental clicks, and has exceptional build quality.

$88 at Amazon
Logitech K400

Living room PC: Logitech K400

If you have a PC in the living room, perhaps as a media center, then the affordable K400 is the keyboard to pair with it. It has a built-in trackpad, along with volume controls and media controls on the function keys. It uses a wireless receiver to connect, has a range up to 10 meters, and the keys are nice and quiet so you can type without disturbing anyone.

$29 at Amazon
Logitech G613

Best for gamers: Logitech G613

There was a time when a wireless gaming keyboard would be unthinkable for gaming. Not only is it now an option, but thanks to the Logitech G613 it's a great option with mechanical switches. Thanks to the company's Lightspeed technology, you get a one-millisecond report rate while being able to clack away on Logitech's Romer-G switches. Plus, the battery will last up to a year.

$81 at Amazon
Razer Turret

Best for Xbox: Razer Turret

The first official wireless keyboard for Xbox One is something special. It combines Razer's extremely good mechanical switches with a magnetically attracted mouse in a package that's designed to sit on your lap for some Grade A living room gaming. As it's officially certified, you can also use it with your PC.

$250 at Microsoft

Budget choice: AmazonBasics Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

The bonus here is you get both a wireless keyboard and a mouse for a stellar price. This keyboard isn't packed with features, but it's a basic wireless keyboard that's built well, has a good battery life, and a number pad and multimedia keys built-in to cover all the main bases. The included mouse is compact enough to also pack with your laptop to take on the road.

$23 at Amazon

Great for tablets: Arteck wireless keyboard

If you use a Windows tablet a lot and need an ultra-portable wireless keyboard to go with it, this is just the ticket. It uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection rather than Bluetooth, so you'll get a great connection. It's incredibly slim and light, and with up to six months battery life from a single charge, you can be sure it'll never let you down.

$23 at Amazon
Microsoft Sculpt

Be comfortable: Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic

Microsoft's iconic split design keyboard takes a little getting used to, but it's one of the best ergonomic designs out there today as it promotes the most natural position for your fingers. The wrist rest is cushioned for the perfect wrist position, and there's an optional numberpad should you need it.

$55 at Amazon

For mobile: Logitech K780

The best part of this keyboard is that it can be used with multiple devices without the need for repairing, including mobile. So if you switch between a PC and a tablet often, this is the keyboard for you. It has up to two years of battery life, and an integrated phone or tablet stand to make mobile typing a breeze.

$60 at Amazon

If we had to choose

For any desk, the Microsoft Surface Keyboard is a great choice. It looks fantastic, it's built to the high standards you expect from a Surface product and it has ridiculously good battery life. It's pretty good to type on, too, so it really does tick all the boxes.

Gamers aren't left out from the wire-free action either where once they might have been, and while the Razer Turret is absolutely perfect for some couch-based fragging, when back at the desk we'd pick the Logitech G613 every time. It combines low latency and terrific mechanical switches with top notch battery life. Everything you need to game all day and night.

In the pursuit of comfort, however, the Microsoft Sculpt gets the nod for being a cleverly designed wireless keyboard. Everything about it is in the pursuit of the most natural, comfortable position for your wrists and fingers, and it delivers.

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