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The Logitech MX Master 2S is a brilliant mouse and is the successor to the excellent original MX Master. What Logitech has achieved is creating the best non-gaming professional wireless mouse.

Our pick

Logitech MX Master 2S

The best wireless mouse for any Windows 10 PC

The successor to the fantastic MX Master wireless mouse, which was our previous best overall choice, gains a new sensor and vastly improved battery life — along with other useful features that make pointing anywhere on a screen a breeze. Should you need a mouse that isn't bolted down to a device, the MX Master 2S is for you.

Who should buy this mouse

Do you find yourself using a wired mouse with your desktop, tablet or notebook and wish for a time where you didn't have to be tethered to the PC? The MX Master 2 from Logitech offers everything you need from a wireless pointer and is ideal for everyone.

Is it a good time to buy this mouse?

The MX Master 2S is the successor to the original MX Master wireless mouse from Logitech, making now a great time to buy this accessory.

Reasons to buy

  • Great comfortable design
  • Solid-feeling clicks and scroll wheel
  • Great support software
  • 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth

Reasons not to buy

  • No storage compartment for the 2.4GHz dongle
  • Slight rattle and loud mouse clicks
  • DPI settings are decent but not outstanding

The best wireless companion

Looking at the MX Master 2S (see our full review for more details), you can see just why this thing is one of the best pointers to come out of Logitech. The ergonomics of the unit itself makes it comfortable to hold, regardless as to which grip style you prefer, and everything feels well built. It's fairly pricey but isn't going to destroy your budget like some of the gaming mice out there. There are also a bunch of handy features baked into the experience that make the price worth the investment.

First up is the receiver, which is entirely optional. Logitech has made it so you can conveniently use Bluetooth should your computer already have the wireless tech built in. If you need to rely on Logitech's own dongle, this little unit will be able to support up to six devices from Logitech's Unifying wireless system simultaneously, which is ideal for connecting multiple Logitech devices — like a keyboard or trackpad for those who prefer alternative inputs.

As for the mouse, the MX Master 2S can be linked to up to three devices at once. A button underneath the device enables the wielder to switch between connections, which makes for interesting scenarios in the home and office. But it's not all about the wireless capabilities of the mouse because, in addition to featuring a scroll wheel that adapts to speed, there's also a secondary thumb scroll wheel located next to two thumb buttons.

Logitech is a sturdy, functional and highly accurate wireless mouse.

But that's not all. There's also what the company calls a gesture button — you can set up your own custom actions to be carried out by your digital gestures. Logitech has deployed its own Darkfield sensor, which enables the mouse to handle surface tracking with little issue, and that includes glass. Overall performance is solid, as one would expect from a mouse that sets you back almost $100.

But just because we like the MX Master 2S enough to put it on top of our best mice of 2018 list, it doesn't mean this mouse is a definite purchase for everyone. The handheld pointer is a personal device that needs to match your requirements. Should you need a wired mouse, the MX Master 2S clearly isn't for you, nor can it be cranked up to 6,000 DPI for super-sensitive gaming.

Compared to the MX Master, this new version packs a 4,000 DPI sensor with improved tracking and performance, extended battery life (from 40 up to 70 days), and the superb Logitech Flow software. This allows one to control more than one PC with the same mouse. Overall, an excellent package.

Alternatives to the Logitech MX Master 2S

The MX Master 2S may not be to everyone's liking. This is where our viable alternative picks come in, offering different advantages.


Logitech M720

The Logitech M720 is not only a superb wireless mouse but affordable too.

The M720 from Logitech is a solid choice with a balance between cost and ergonomics, packing some advanced features like a powerful receiver. It's also incredibly comfortable to use, depending on how you hold the mouse, and can be paired with multiple PCs.

The second Logitech mouse to be included in our best wireless mouse round-up is the M720. The onboard laser is solid and the battery life is rated to last up to two full years, which is ideal when you're traveling often.

For gamers

Razer Atheris

Avid PC gamer? You'll want the Atheris

The Atheris s the tool for gamers who require a means of input they can rely on for portable gaming. With the addition of solid wireless capabilities, the ability to charge the mouse while continuing to use it, and customizable options make it well worth the extra funds, at least if you're serious about video games on your laptop.

When using the Atheris, Razer makes it easy to control various functions of the mouse using its Synapse software. You're not only getting a quality companion that lets you ditch the wires, but also one that can be customized and personalized to your individual needs and preferences.

Budget pick

VicTsing MM057

VicTsing has produced a cheap, cheerful and capable mouse

The MM057 by VicTsing is a super-affordable portable mouse with a small USB receiver. Like many other solutions available, there are no drivers required, you simply plug and play. Five DPI choices are available to get the pointer feeling just right for mobile use.

VicTsing is best known for creating some killer budget gear, including mice and keyboards. The MM057 is a personal favorite of ours because of its affordability and build quality. For around $10, you're getting an excellent companion that hooks up via a USB receiver.

Traveller companion

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

Perfect for frequent travellers

Logitech's MX Anywhere 2S is roughly similar to the excellent MX Master 2S, but without some of the more advanced features for multitaskers. This mouse was specifically designed with a super-strong sensor, allowing you to use it on a whole range of surfaces.

This MX Anywhere 2S even supports use with up to three Windows PCs simultaneously, ideal if you have more than one device located nearby. The battery can hold up to 70 days worth of use on a single charge.

Bottom line

When choosing a wireless mouse, all you need to do is make sure it's compatible with your PC, but if you want the very best you're going to need the Logitech MX Master 2S.

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