Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse for Surface Windows Central 2021

The Surface Precision Mouse is an amazing pointer when paired with a Surface PC. It sports a solid design, is comfortable to use, can be connected via USB or used wirelessly, and has long-lasting battery life.

Best Overall: Surface Precision Mouse

Surface Precision Mouse

The Logitech MX Master 2S is an excellent mouse and is one of our favorites, but the Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse just ever so slightly edges it out. That's not to say it's necessarily "better" than its Logitech competitor, which is why the MX Master 2S comes in as our recommended runner-up.

Microsoft's Surface Precision Mouse isn't affordable by any means. That said, you do get a lot of features.

Costing $99 at launch, Microsoft's Surface Precision Mouse isn't affordable by any means. That said, you do get a lot of features, including great software support, wireless and wired connectivity, enhanced comfort and styling, and great battery life.

Our Executive Editor, Dan Rubino, reviewed the Surface Precision mouse and came away torn between it and the Logitech mouse. Sporting both aluminum and plastic in the design, Microsoft has been able to create a mouse that not only has enough weight for use, but is light enough to carry around with a Surface PC and doesn't feel cheap.

The included software allows you to fine-tune the mouse (as well as other Microsoft mice and keyboards you may own) and makes personalizing the mouse to your needs a breeze. You won't need to charge the mouse for quite some time when in use since a single charge should last up to three whole months.

It's not perfect. The light-color design may lead to more frequent cleaning to avoid marks, and the reliance on Bluetooth technology may be a negative for some. Still, for the money, the Surface Precision Mouse is the best mouse for your Surface.


  • Good ergonomic design
  • Excellent buttons and scroll wheel behavior
  • Wireless (Bluetooth) or wired (USB) options
  • Long battery life
  • Robust software that lets you run on three PCs at once


  • Reliance on Bluetooth can be problematic for some
  • Not overtly better than Logitech MX Master 2S
  • Shows dirt

Best Overall

Surface Precision Mouse

The best mouse you can buy for a Surface PC

The Surface Precision Mouse is similar in many ways to the Logitech MX Master 2S, including looks and comfort, but houses a few benefits.

Runner-up: Logitech MX Master 2S

Logitech MX Master 2S

The Logitech MX Master 2S is the mouse for people who require a portable unit that does it all, replacing the older Logitech MX Master. You have the choice to either use the supplied receiver (which can connect up to six devices) or Bluetooth. That's a feature not present on some wireless mice — the ability to switch between wireless modes.

Up to three PCs can be paired at the same time, with just the push of a button to switch between them (handy if you have more that one device in use at once). The downside is all this functionality needs power; the mouse itself lasts up to 40 days on a charge, but this should be more than enough between top-ups through its Micro-USB port. It's a little short on what Microsoft boasts with the Surface Precision Mouse.

There's another drawback to the MX Master 2S in that there may be a slight rattle through use and we found the mouse clicks rather loud. Still, it's a superb mouse with an amazing accurate sensor.


  • Super comfortable grip
  • Excellent scroll wheels and buttons
  • Outstanding support software
  • Cool design
  • 2.4GHz or Bluetooth wireless


  • No storage compartment for the 2.4GHz dongle
  • Slight rattle and loud mouse clicks
  • DPI settings are decent but not outstanding


Logitech MX Master 2S

A master of mice on any Surface PC

The successor to the fantastic MX Master wireless mouse, which was itself a fantastic wireless mouse from Logitech.

Best Budget: VicTsing PPC015B

VicTsing PPC015B

The PPC015B features dedicated buttons for standard functions like right- and left-click and scrolling, plus side buttons for other commands controlled by your thumb. It automatically powers off if your laptop shuts down or is inactive to save power and get the most from a single charge.

The PPC015B by VicTsing is a super-affordable portable mouse with a small USB receiver. There are no drivers required — it's plug and play. Five DPI choices are available: 800, 1,200, 1,600, 2,000 and 2,400. The receiver and mouse are capable of communicating up to 15 meters away, so you won't feel chained to your Surface.

With up to 15 months of battery, the PPC015B will keep going throughout your trip and then some. You won't be able to pair with multiple devices, but for the price that shouldn't be an issue.


  • Affordable
  • Small and compact
  • DPI configuration
  • Up to 15 months battery life


  • Mediocre performance
  • No multiple-pairing

Best Budget

VicTsing PPC015B

It's simple, affordable, and gets the job done

VicTsing produces some great PC accessories at reasonable prices and the PPC015B wireless mouse is a fine example.

For Gamers: Razer Atheris

Razer Atheris

Razer is known for its high-end gaming accessories and peripherals, but the company is also betting big on mobile computing. The Razer Atheris is the company's most portable mouse, which is smaller than its dedicated gaming siblings and comes with a handy carry bag. Don't let the small size fool you though because the Atheris is a seriously good mouse to use on the go.

You've got an excellent Razer sensor for accurate performance on most surfaces, various DPI configurations for different scenarios an preferences, dynamic DPI switching, and full support for the companion software Razer Synapse 3. This is one gaming mouse you'll want to use in-game when on the go.

The real selling point for the Razer Atheris is price. It's roughly the same as Logitech's similar MX Anywhere 2, but it offers a storage compartment for its dongle, and the scroll wheel acts as a third button. Those are significant differences, and it speaks in favor of the Atheris. It's not perfect and the lack of any multiple-pairing buttons for Bluetooth is a shame.


  • High DPI and polling settings
  • Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz wireless
  • Storage compartment for 2.4 GHz dongle
  • Comfortable to use with good battery life
  • Affordable.


  • No wired option if batteries die.
  • No multiple-pairing button for Bluetooth.
  • Slight rattle with the scroll wheel.

For Gamers

Razer Atheris

Game on!

Razer is the brand to go to for a portable gaming mouse and the Atheris is a fine pointer for use on the go.

Gesture Surface: Surface Arc Mouse

Surface Arc Mouse

Should you be on the lookout for something a little different, you'll want to consider the Surface Arc Mouse from Microsoft. It sports a unique design, runs on batteries with Bluetooth, and has some cool features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Microsoft's Arc Mouse has a special trick: It folds flat to take up less space in your bag. Though slightly more expensive than other listings, you're investing in an official Microsoft pointer that turns on as soon as you curve the mouse. It takes full advantage of low-energy Bluetooth 4.0, with a range of up to 30 meters.

The mouse takes two AAA batteries, which can be swapped out for a rechargeable solution.


  • Brilliant design
  • Super portable and convenient
  • Smart gesture support
  • Comfortable to use
  • Matches Surface hardware


  • Accuracy seems off at times
  • Right and left click buttons take time to get used to

Gesture Surface

Surface Arc Mouse

Feature-rich mouse for your travels

The Surface Arc Mouse combines the familiarity of traditional mouse functionality with the addition of a touchpad, allowing you to perform a few tricks.

Compact Pointer: Microsoft Sculpt Comfort

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort

The Sculpt Comfort by Microsoft is a more affordable option compared to the Arc mouse. It also features Bluetooth connectivity so you don't have to sacrifice a USB port to a dongle. For around $25, you get four-way scrolling for navigation on a mouse designed for comfort, although it's still compact enough to take anywhere on your travels. The one downside for us is that the touch tab button on the side, which allows you to access the Windows Start Menu, Cortana, and more with a touch, takes a bit to get used to.


  • Small and compact
  • Handy touch tab button
  • Works on most surfaces
  • Supports Android
  • Reliable Bluetooth connectivity


  • Touch tab button takes getting used to

Compact Pointer

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort

Small and mighty

Microsoft's Sculpt Mouse is a small pointer with big features, as well as being able to work just fine on most surfaces.

Bottom line

There's no one mouse that's perfect for all Surface owners. Some folks prefer compact mice, while others enjoy ergonomics and extra functionality. There are two mice that we love and were both so close to be coming our favorite, but one came out on top.

Microsoft was able to pull ahead here by going with a compromise, which resulted in the Surface Precision Mouse. It's the option if you desire a balance between cost and ergonomics, all while packing some handy features. If you don't fancy the Precision Mouse from Microsoft, Logitech's MX Master 2S is a stunning runner-up that's almost as good. The only sacrifices you make with the Logitech pointer is less battery life between charges, but it'll still last countless days before you need to top it up.

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