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Microsoft has launched its debut foray into game streaming with Project xCloud, serving full-fledged console games to phones and tablets. Low-latency Xbox One games will shift the scope of mobile, and these accessories only elevate the potential. The Jovitec Foldable Controller Mount leads our roundup, assembling a perfect pairing for game streaming.

Best Controller: Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller

While the Xbox One is supported by a healthy range of accompanying third-party hardware, few gamepads rival the stock Microsoft experience. The service has doubled down on exclusively pushing Bluetooth during Project xCloud preview trials, positioning its third-generation accessory as an essential for game streaming. Redmond's stamp of approval comes with tried and tested ergonomics, and it's even available for an affordable price if you opt for standard colorways.

It's the latest controller design revision from 2016, meaning a streamlined finish and crucial Bluetooth support. It provides easy setup and usage with modern Android devices, even iOS 13, once Xbox Game Streaming hits iPhone. The controller also boasts the vanilla silhouette, maintaining compatibility with any phone mounting clips.


  • Proven ergonomic design
  • Strong build quality
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Works with Android and iOS


  • No-frills, compared to top-tier gamepads

Best Controller

Xbox One Wireless Controller

An easy essential for Project xCloud testing.

Why not pick up Microsoft's signature controller? Official entry-level controllers start cheap when opting for a pure black color.

Best Phone Mount: Jovitec Xbox One Foldable Controller Clip

When using an Xbox One controller for phone streaming, a dedicated clip ties it together. Mounting your phone atop your controller improves grip and viewing angles, fusing the duo into a portable handheld. Microsoft frames these as near-essential during initial Project xCloud trials, with Jovitec delivering go-to in late 2019.

This all-plastic black mount sticks to the basics but still retains durability and fundamental features. That's a firm wraparound clip that locks around your Xbox gamepad, while a telescopic rubberized slider sturdily grasps your device. The 3.5-inch horizontal opening accompanies nearly every modern smartphone, including those bulky flagships nearing 7 inches.


  • Compatible with most phones
  • Affordable
  • Strong build quality
  • Easy setup


  • Hinge angle not adjustable

Best Phone Mount

Jovitec Foldable Controller Clip

Take your Xbox One controller on-the-go with ease

This foldable Jovitech controller clip effortlessly mounts any phone safely and securely. Plus, it's conveniently affordable.

Best Phone: OnePlus 7 Pro

The design and horsepower of leading flagships define OnePlus 7 Pro, but you'll save hundreds of dollars in the process. Undercutting Samsung, Huawei, among other rivals, the Shenzhen-based manufacturer has found a hit with its latest top-end hardware. The result is an impressive all-round phone, primed for Project xCloud streaming.

That crisp edge-to-edge OLED display is the centerpiece of OnePlus 7 Pro, eliminating the contentious notch with an encompassing 6.7-inch panel. It's also bolstered by QHD resolution and 90Hz fluidity, which is a huge performance game-changer while future-proofing it for the next streaming advancements. There's also around six hours of video streaming screen-on time, covering your lengthy sessions.

The OnePlus 7 Pro faces all everyday tasks, given its Snapdragon 855 brains and up to 12GB RAM. There's a sleek triple-camera setup for stunning shots, while a motorized pop-up front-facing sensor covers the absence of the notch. Wrapped in metal and glass backing, this is a capable handset if you can overlook the lack of wireless charging. If available in your area, you won't regret the 5G model for on-the-go streaming.

For a broader range of the best Project xCloud devices, our buyer's guide spans all specifications and price ranges.


  • Unbeaten value
  • Stunning notch-free display
  • Great performance
  • 5G variant available


  • No wireless charging
  • Too large for some

Best Phone

OnePlus 7 Pro

High-end performance for hundreds less.

When you buy a OnePlus 7 Pro, you save a ton of money compared to flagships — you won't feel short-changed.

Best Portable Charger: AUKEY 10000mAh Power Bank

While you can stream Xbox One titles across the globe at imperceptible latency, Project xCloud will, expectedly, draw the juice from any smartphone. Pair your daily usage with a few hours of gaming, and you've got a phone nearing zero percent. Keep yourself covered all day with a pocketable power bank. This beast from AUKEY is our recommended backup.

Under the casing lies its 10,000mAh cell, serving up to three full charges on the average smartphone. The bank packs USB-C and two USB ports, accompanied by Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery compliance. It also nails all of your mobile charging needs: It's all compacted into a slimline phone-style design without a high price tag.


  • Slim, pocketable design
  • Varied USB connectivity
  • Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery
  • Ideal for daily use


  • May not cover longer trips

Best Portable Charger

AUKEY 10000mAh Power Bank

Keep that power flowing.

Never worry about battery again. Mirroring the form factor of large-screen smartphones, Aukey packs 10,000 mAh into a pocketable bank.

Bottom line

As Microsoft prepares its cloud-gaming ambitions with Xbox Project xCloud, supporting accessories remain in their infancy. But any serious Project xCloud user should try the Jovitec Xbox One Foldable Controller Clip too, completing the game streaming experience. The clip-and-play design brings the platform together into a sturdy handheld, avoiding that awkward struggle of balancing your phone on your knee or desk. And with a starting price of just $8, what's not to like?

While a phone controller mount is a simple accessory at first glance, Jovitec brings a variety of refinements to improve usability. That includes a rubberized grip to keep your phone firmly in position, while a flip-out stand can keep your new Xbox portable upright. The addition of multiple viewing angles would be preferred, but it's the only significant compromise with the price.

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