Bing Predicts performed well with its NFL Week 5 predictions. It correctly predicted 10 games out of 14. How did Bing perform for Week 6? It correctly picked 9 games out of 14. Let's take a look at the results.

Week 6 Bing's pick Game winner
Falcons vs Saints Falcons Saints
Redskins vs Jets Jets Jets
Cardinals vs Steelers Cardinals Steelers
Chiefs vs Vikings Vikings Vikings
Bengals vs Bills Bengals Bengals
Bears vs Lions Lions Lions
Broncos vs Browns Broncos Broncos
Texans vs Jaguars Texans Texans
Dolphins vs Titans Titans Dolphins
Panthers vs Seahawks Seahawks Panthers
Chargers vs Packers Packers Packers
Ravens vs 49ers Ravens 49ers
Patriots vs Colts Patriots Patriots
Giants vs Eagles Eagles Eagles


For Week 6, Bing gets an accuracy score of 64.3%. The season record is now 57-34. Every week, Microsoft's Bing platform uses search, social, and other relevant data to make intelligent predictions about upcoming NFL games. We have an office in Boston, so of course we were glad the Patriots won. We look forward to the next game.

How'd your team perform? Have you been impressed by Bing's predictions so far? Let us know in the comments!