Bing Predicts correctly picked 9 out of 14 games in NFL Week 6

Bing Predicts performed well with its NFL Week 5 predictions. It correctly predicted 10 games out of 14. How did Bing perform for Week 6? It correctly picked 9 games out of 14. Let's take a look at the results.

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Week 6Bing's pickGame winner
Falcons vs SaintsFalconsSaints
Redskins vs JetsJetsJets
Cardinals vs SteelersCardinalsSteelers
Chiefs vs VikingsVikingsVikings
Bengals vs BillsBengalsBengals
Bears vs LionsLionsLions
Broncos vs BrownsBroncosBroncos
Texans vs JaguarsTexansTexans
Dolphins vs TitansTitansDolphins
Panthers vs SeahawksSeahawksPanthers
Chargers vs PackersPackersPackers
Ravens vs 49ersRavens49ers
Patriots vs ColtsPatriotsPatriots
Giants vs EaglesEaglesEagles


For Week 6, Bing gets an accuracy score of 64.3%. The season record is now 57-34. Every week, Microsoft's Bing platform uses search, social, and other relevant data to make intelligent predictions about upcoming NFL games. We have an office in Boston, so of course we were glad the Patriots won. We look forward to the next game.

How'd your team perform? Have you been impressed by Bing's predictions so far? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Illuminati
  • The illuminati would never be wrong.
  • Probability.
  • If I just look at the lines and compared it with Bing, they are about the same in picks.
  • They don't predict mlb games .. No NLDS or NLCS predictions. Will they predict the winner of the world series?
  • They predict MLB - type in Royals Schedule or whatever and it gives a prediction. Of course, they had the Cubs and Jays in six, so maybe it's not quite as good there. I saw somewhere that they had predicted the Cubs to win the World Series.
  • Back to the Future II had the Cubs winning too, would have been great.
  • E.A.G.L.E.S Eagles
  • Is this really article-worthy on WinCentral? Seems like the original headline that Bing was going to predict NFL outcomes weekly should have sufficed.
  • Cortana has a crush on TB12, the greatest QB of this century.
  • Just a bullshit every pick has a chance of 50/50 to be correct.. Any1 could do the same... Really sad wpc ppl making ppl act as idiot by making they think that bing can predict the result
  • Cool story.
  • I need point spread picks thanks in advance!
  • I take it that Bing is coded to pick Seahawks every week? 
  • Oddly enough, Bing picked correctly the Chicago Detroit game. I would have went with the Bears...but obviously Bing knew something I didn't. LOL
  • I want the power ball winner number can do that Bing?