Build a media server at home with the WD Red 4TB drive on sale for $64

Wd Red 4tb Hard Drive
Wd Red 4tb Hard Drive (Image credit: Amazon)

A great hard drive noted for its durability and capacity is on sale right now. You can get the WD Red 4TB drive down to a low price of $63.99. This deal is available through Newegg when you use the code BFDLS245 during checkout to take $16 off the price, which is already reduced from a street price around $95 down to $80. You can also find this deal on Amazon where you'll need to clip the on-page coupon to save the extra $16. Either way, the final total of $63.99 is a match for the lowest we have ever seen on this drive, and that's saying something because this is a hugely popular drive that has been around for years.

WD Red 4TB hard drive | $26 off

WD Red 4TB hard drive | $26 off

These are specifically designed for use with a network-attached storage device. They are designed to take heavy punishment with a lot of reading and writing and constant access. Works for home or office. Comes with 3-year warranty.

The WD Red series is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with a network-attached storage device. We love NAS, and we know about all the best ones available. If you want to build your own home media server, this is how you start. Look at a great option like the Synology DS220+. When it says "diskless" on the product page, that means you're going to need something like the WD Red. In this case you'll want two since it has two bays to fill.

That 4TB capacity is a huge selling point because it's plenty of room for all of your media, whether that means movies and TV shows or photos or music. Buy two and hook them up in an NAS so you can create a system where one drive backs up the other, ensuring you never lose your media due to the drives getting corrupt or a power surge or something crazy. Usually when you're looking to fill a NAS device or something you will buy multiple drives, so it's really great to find deals like this that you can take advantage of.

The WD Red drives perform reliabily in a 24/7 always-running environment like what you would have with an NAS. They can also handle up to 180 TB a year, meaning they can take a heavy workload without any wear and tear. They're also backed up by a three-year warranty from Western Digital.

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