Build a small form factor PC with Cooler Master's NR200 case up to $25 off

Cooler Master Nr200 Black White Cases
Cooler Master Nr200 Black White Cases

If you're the sort that likes to build your own PC and you've been considering a small form-factor PC, then you'll definitely be interested in this deal. The Cooler Master NR200 mini-ITX case is on sale for $64.85 in white and $69.99 in black. These cases have spent most of the year selling for around $90 or more, and even before this year they were selling for around $80. This is the lowest price we've seen on Amazon, and if that's not enough incentive you can actually get an extra $10 off using a post-purchase mail-in rebate form (found here). That, of course, requires a little extra effort and won't be immediate, but it's definitely a nice extra bit of savings.

When you think of building a PC, you usually think of large towers with a huge amount of space. A small form factor PC can be amazing, though. They look great, and if you know what you're doing they can be just as good as a regular-sized PC. Plus, building one is almost an art form since you have to account for every inch of room when putting your components together.

The NR200 case seeks to make that as easy and as classy as possible. It has unrestricted airflow thanks to the five ventilated steel panels. It can also hold up to seven fans and fits CPU coolers that are up to 155mm tall or radiators that are 280mm long. There are even some dual radiator setups out there, so cooling your internal components shouldn't be a problem here.

It can be hard sometimes to work with a small form factor PC case like this, especially if you can't reach everything you need to reach. The NR200 solves that problem by making every panel and frame part removable. Dismantle it all and get 360 degrees of accessibility while you're working.

You can even fit a full-size graphics card in this case. It supports triple slot GPUs with a maximum length of 330mm and a maximum width of 156mm. Everything is secured with pins that are easy to remove and don't require any extra tools.

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