Build your new PC with a Rosewill computer case and 700w power supply for $125 total

Rosewill Case Power Supply
Rosewill Case Power Supply

Have you been stocking up on PC parts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? We've seen a ton of great deals. You might be about ready to start your new build. If that's the case, 'then you'll need a case. See what I did there? Right now you can grab the Rosewill ATX Mid Tower gaming PC computer case for $74.99 thanks to a $25 off on-page coupon. The case only recently dropped to $100 as it is and was selling for as much as $110 in October, so you're saving quite a bunch with this deal.

If you also need a power supply, buy that case along with the Rosewill 700w modular power supply. You will get an extra $50 discounted during checkout for getting both items together. Along with the $25 off the case, that's a total savings of $75. If the discount doesn't work, make sure "Rosewill, Inc." is in the "Sold by" and "Ships from" sections on the product page.

The Rosewill computer case is ready for all the parts you bought this holiday season! It's an RGB case with tempered glass and extraordinary lighting that you can adjust with a remote controller. You can either go with a solid LED color or a pre-programmed color mode, including Rainbow, Gradient, Blade, and BReath. The case has tempered glass on three sides. Tempered glass not only looks great and feels professional, but it's also a great way to show off all those fancy parts and expert cable management. If you're not into cable management, just put the PC in a corner so no one can see. It's cool.

The case has top-mounted I/O ports. It also supports up to three 120mm fans in the front, two 140mm fans on top, one 120mm fan in the back, and three 80mm fans on the PSU shroud. It also comes with four fans already pre-installed, including fans with blue LEDs. The case also supports water cooling if you prefer that.

The power supply is 80 Plus Gold cerfified and supports 700w builds. It has a three-year warranty as well.

John Levite
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