The top five tips for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered multiplayer beginners

It's OK to be a beginner. Everyone has to start somewhere, regardless of what the internet may have you believe. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is a classic shooter reborn for the new generation, and there are a lot of people who have put a lot of hours into it. It's a much different experience to its sibling, Infinite Warfare, with a slower, more tactical approach possible compared to the frenetic run and gun.

Don't worry, though, there are some basics you can employ that will help you start getting a better performance from yourself. These beginners tips are good for Xbox One, PS4 and even somewhat for PC.

The right sensitivity

Modern Warfare Remastered

The very first thing you should consider is your controller sensitivity. If it's not right for you then your aim will be all over the place. A lot of beginners think it needs to be super sensitive so you can flip around quickly and get people coming in from behind.

If an opponent is behind you then you're mostly already done for. Think about what you can see, and if your sensitivity is up to 12 you'll be twitching all over the place and struggle to control your aim and your recoil.

See what you're set to start with, and then play a couple of rounds at one or two above and the same below. Try out the different settings to find where you feel most comfortable. I've gone down to 3 having experimented up to 6. Likewise, you can have different values for horizontal and vertical. With no jet packs and wall running the bigger high-level issues are snipers, but you probably won't have to react as quickly. So you might be able to help your aim by having a lower value on the up and down motions.

Don't let the stats get you down

Modern Warfare Remastered

It's really easy to get carried away and super frustrated at your Kill/Death ratio. But guess what? You're going to get killed. A lot.

Instead of worrying about your stats, focus on just playing the best game you can. The stats will improve as your ability does, there's no reason to force it.

And if you find your numbers have dropped significantly from the start of a session, take a break. Grinding on when you're clearly getting frustrated or fatigued won't help. Know when to set aside the controller before you rage quit.

Duck and cover

Modern Warfare Remastered

Unlike the newer games, Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare, you can't make yourself difficult to hit by leaping, sliding and traversing walls. You have to do it the old-fashioned way, and that means making the most of the various map environments. The maps on Modern Warfare have a lot more in the way of structures and nature to cover yourself in.

Hit markers and UAV streaks from opponents will light you up on their map, so try and conceal yourself to avoid being tagged unnecessarily, and if you are hit don't hang around and wait for someone else to show up behind you. Likewise use buildings to your advantage, getting to a high point will certainly help you pick off the enemy. But again, don't stay in one place for too long.

On the defensive, keep one eye on such areas as you traverse the map. Modern Warfare attracts a ton of snipers and those irritating folks who camp out in the bushes and wait for you to swing by. You can adopt a much more tactical, slow-paced approach in Modern Warfare and still be super successful.

Craft your loadouts

Modern Warfare Remastered

While loadouts aren't at all as complex as they are in Infinite Warfare, it's still important to play around with them and get some setups that work well for your style of play. As with regular Call of Duty, progress unlocks new perks, weapons, and scorestreaks and it's down to you to strike a happy balance across them all.

For example, I like to play with an assault rifle, tending to try and avoid too much close combat. One of the perks can be replaced with a grenade launcher attached to the gun, which I like to have because on maps such as Crossfire you can pick off enemies from the downhill spawn point from a long way out. If I were more of a run-and-gun type of player, these weapons wouldn't be as useful as say an SMG and something like "special grenades."

You don't have specialists and payloads to worry about in Modern Warfare, just your regular weapons and scorestreaks.

Streaks are deadly, be on the right side of them

Modern Warfare Remastered

Some of the scorestreaks, the UAV for example, are fairly easy to achieve on a regular basis. Even for beginners. Their power increases as does the difficulty to achieve, and some of them will send you running for cover. Streaks are an important part of your loadout, but using them, or avoiding them, can be a game changer.

The UAV may be easy to get, but it's still effective since it gives you a heads up on where the entire other team is. Things like the attack helicoper or the air strike are lethal, whether you call it in or are on the receiving end.

You'll get an audible warning when an opponent has deployed a streak, and if it is something like the helicopter or the air strike, you need to get as far away as you can or just get mowed down from above. If you get streaks yourself, deploy them carefully. Don't double stack UAVs, for instance, and calling in a helicopter at the right moment can give you an edge and swing things in your favor. As well as get a whole heap of sweet kills!

So, there are five tips that should help beginners get a better feel for Modern Warfare Remastered multiplayer. If you've got any of your own beginners tips to share be sure to drop them in the comments below!

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